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Why isn't my system booting properly?

Hi everyone,

First, would like to thanks ifixit for the superb guides that has helped me quite a lot these last years :)

Now, I have a pretty weird situation : MBP boots (we can hear the startup chime) but screen stays black and if one waits, the screen will become white and the keyboard illuminates, the caps lock works if I try to use it, even the sound keys can be used but still that nasty white screen (lol, can even reduce brightness on that white screen)...

Had it connected to an external monitor and tada it works but gray screen with apple and the little wheel turns on and on...

Did a AHT => nothing detected

reset NVRAM => same issue, pb not solved

safe boot doesn't work but verbose does and it stops on the following:

kernel is lp64

validation failed, data suffix : <plenty of numbers here>

vnode_validate_compressed_file_type4 error:22

Any idea on resolving this matter would be really grateful ;)



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Do you have the recovery CD/DVD the system came with? If you do try starting up with it and your external monitor.

As you do see the spinning wheel we know the CPU part of the logic board is working and the power services to it.

But, we don't know if the power services to the HD and the GPU are OK. The white display implies the GPU is having a problem and the system is giving you a HD error as well. So either the power services to these is having problems or they both have problems.

By using the recovery disk we can see if the HD is in trouble as the CD/DVD should load.

If you don't have a recovery CD/DVD do you have an external ThunderBolt, FireWire or USB HD or SSD with a working system on it? IF so give that a try and let us know what you discover.

One last question: Did you get your system wet or get banged (dented)?

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Dear Dan,

First, thank you for your reply : really appreciated.

OK, let's get back to business :)

I was also suspecting 2 problems here and I also forgot to mention one (maybe?) important info : if I boot into OS X Recovery System (using Command-R during startup), the black screen becomes a white screen and I can use mouse, keyboard, etc... but can't really "see" what I'm doing as the screen is white.

That said, if I boot same but attach an external monitor I can clearly use, for example, the disk utility and other options available at Recovery System.

Don't really know if it can help diagnose the problem better but one just never knows... ;)

Don't have the recovery CD/DVD but one quick question though: is recovery CD/DVD same as "normal" installation retail CD/DVD? If so, I can manage to get one by tomorrow and try to boot with it + external monitor...

Concerning system getting wet and/or banged, no not as far as I know (well actually pretty sure).

Let's keep in touch :)




Sorry, had it in my head you had an earlier version. No, you didn't get a CD/DVD when you got your system. Lets see if we can dig out of this mess. Do you have a USB flash drive you can make bootable with the same OS on it? You may want to do this on a different system. If you can see if you can boot up with it. If you can see if you can backup on a different USB flash drive all of your important files (if you have a Time Machine backup that would be great too). I think you'll need to delete all of the partitions and redo your drive with a fresh OS install. If that fails, given the age of your system you may want to bring your system into an Apple Store, they should be able to fix this under warranty.


OK, good that's what I thought for the recovery CD/DVD...

Yes, I can do a bootable USB with same OS on it and see what happens : will surely let you know what happens ;)

Concerning data : it's OK as (and this is the first thing I did) I already did a backup of all important data on it :)

Concerning warranty (and I was a fool of not taking the extended +2 years warranty) the problem occurred after 13 months, ahhh.... 1 month earlier and I was good :(

So, could "redoing" partition with fresh install of OS solve my GPU issue? (will give it a try in any case)

If not, what are my options concerning the white display/GPU problem?

Finally, concerning HDD I could maybe execute Disk Warrior (or similar) just to make sure on that side all is OK : what do you think?

Many thanks for you patience & answers :))


Apple is pretty good on extending the warranty a month if its clearly a part that malfunctioned. For now lets try redoing the HD, I'm hoping the OS is curated to the point the video drivers aren't loading which is why you have a bad display. If the drive is not recoverable then I would strongly recommend going to Apple giving them a try. Look real sad, maybe a tear dripping ;-} when you go. Don't wait to long though.


Excellent advices, in worse case will definitely do that sad face at Apple's ;)

Will keep in touch concerning the evolution of my issue(s), who knows it may help someone that has same problem(s) :))




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