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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Buying a PCIe SSD


Does anyone know if AND where I maybe able to buy a SSD to put in this iMac (as an extra HD, not replacing the current HDD) ? Thanks

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I am a little bit confused. Where I can find a compatibility list for PCI-e for the 21.5 iMac late 2013 i7, 1GB 5400rpm?

Unfortunately i wasn't able to find such a list and things are a little bit vague. Apart from being M.2 connection is there any other factor that may be conflict with the iMac?

In case I find a compatible PCIe M.2, is there enough room to add as a second storage device (actually I am planning to host the operating system on the PCIe) and use as a second device the standard 1GB 5400.


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Your system has two different connectors a SATA III for the HD and a M-2 PCIe slot for the SSD.

Presently the PCIe slot is not a ratified standard (the standards group is still in the process of ratification - expect an answer around March '14).

If the current draft standard is accepted as is, you should see a lot of products released. If on the other hand something is altered which makes the current draft standard different enough then it will be a bit longer and the sources will be limited.

You're just too early to the ball game here. Hang loose I'm sure by March things will become clearer.

Sorry to say Apple is currently the only source and they won't upgrade, only configure your system with it at time of purchase.

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thank you Dan !


hi guys, any news on it ?


Sorry to say my crystal ball was a bit cloudy ;-{ Some third parties have demo'ed M.2 devices and even have some that are larger than what Apple is configuring in their systems. As it turns out the standard is a little vague on the interfaces dialog. Which appears to be the cause of the hold up. Apple is using their own firmware on the SSD's which is why we're still stuck here.


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News to this subjekt ? Om keen to buy a pcie drive for ny late 2013 iMac

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Looks like the 3rd parties have stuck with the laptops. Nothing appears to be happening on the iMac or Mac Pro's


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