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Screen Goes dark after lid is after 90º

Hi folks,

I have a Macbook Black (Late 2007) Santa Rosa (2,2 GHz) and what happens is this: very recently my screen goes dark (I can see the Desktop still on) after I open the lid beyond or around 90º angle.

I've read most of the "screen goes dark" posts and I believe I have the same issue regarding the Inverter Cable. However, since Apple no longer provides assistance for my model, and before buying and going through the 47 step tutorial of replacing the cable I wanted to make sure that actually it is a Inverter Cable issue.

At this point and with such an old model I could consider buying a new one but since I have spent 150 Euros in a 120 GB SSD and 4 GB in last month I'm hoping to still have a Macbook Black for at least another year or two.

Can anyone help on this issue?

Best Regards,


EDIT: OK, so the problem seems to be a little different than I initially foresaw! Now the screen goes dark regardless of position and it if I dim down the brightness and go back up as mentioned in some of the posts I've read. Also, and I found this odd, if I put the screen in the maximum angle possible and do the dim down and up of the brightness a few times, the screen will stop getting dark. So I guess it's either a bad inverter cable that works if I use the maximum opening angle or a bad backlight that starts to work properly once the system gets hot (don't know if this makes sense, I'm think heating=better conductivity).

Anyone has thoughts on this? A few advices from someone more experience would be appreciated!

LAST EDIT: As Dan pointed out, correctly, the trouble seemed to be with either the inverter or the inverter cable. I replaced both. I should point out that I couldn't test the inverter itself, only the cable with a digital multimeter and it seemed fine, however digital multimeter only test continuity and probably a more accurate test should have been done with and analogue one so to verify spikes or sudden drops in voltage.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issues.

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Anyone? Could use some advice on this one!


Thanks Dan!

I'll open the macbook and test the components and then I'll get back with an update.

Best Regards,



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Yes, it does sound like the cable is gone. I would also replace the inverter while you're there.

As to making the effort Vs buying a new system: If your current system meets your needs then its worth the effort in repairing. Either repairing it your self, or if you plan to bring it in to an independent Apple authorized repair center that too would work. They often still work on systems that Apple has EoL.

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Rui - I would focus on the Inverter and the cable harness. Your system uses CFL's which do wear out over time. But the symptoms you have are more likely the inverter going. Think about how a florescent tube light works; the ballast failing flickers or doesn't startup Vs a tube which goes dim then flickers.


Thanks Dan, you were correct. The issue was either the inverter or the cable. Replaced both and now everything is working perfectly.

Best Regards,

Rui Silva


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