Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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does not turn on after liquid damaged

bought a liquid damaged macbook pro 13 2010 with liquid damaged, does not turn on. opened it cleaned the logic board with alcohol and tried washing the keyboard and dried it with hair drier, the same result does not power on.

any idea? i suspected to replace the keyboard because i notice the logic is clean and i don't see any sign of corrosion.

what are the normal repair on this issue. any help will be appreciated, thank you very much

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do i have to soak the logic board on the solution?(distilled water and baking soda?) for how many

hours, days?BTW, i have tried to replaced the whole keyboard but no success, planning to soak the logic board for about a day and clean thoroughly , and see after that.


No! We don't soak things even in alcohol! We wash using cotton swabs (Q-Tips) and if needed a small brush. Being careful don't to snag or pull off any of the small components as they can be pulled off. You only want to treat the area that got wet. If you did soak the whole board then you could have over done it. Some of the parts are sensitive to some of the ingredients in Isopropyl alcohol (impurities).



i am suspecting also that the new board i replaced is also not working? i will try to return it and replace for a new keyboard and lets see?

if still the same result. would it be possible or will make sence if i reflow the nvidia chip, any advice is appreciated and thank you for your help


The damage doesn't need to be the logic board alone, the battery and other circuits can be damaged here. Now your grasping for straws here with the reflowing (any). You need to look at this part by part.



are there any more option to check? ie, maybe one of the fuse is shorted? do have any suggestions where i can find or check the most common fuse that fails on liquid damaged issue?


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Solomon -

Liquid damaged electronic equipment can have lots of issues. While you have made a good effort here in cleaning things here with the alcohol, you will likely need to use distilled water and maybe some baking soda within the distilled water to clean the rest of the corrosion off.

You likely have damaged components on the logic board and/or the electrical pathways have become severed by the corrosion or excessive current flowing through (if the battery had a full charge at the time). The battery maybe to far gone as well as the keyboard.

The question here is how much effort are you willing to put into this project and how much money? This maybe a lost cause here.

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