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Wifi turns off itself and can't be turned on back except restart

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When i use macbook pro in the bed,my hands usually support the bottom of macbook pro , which usually causes my wifi turns off. I removed the bottom case of macbook pro,and found the wifi card connector is in the centre of bottom just where my hands usually support. I turned on macbook pro to test and found once I pressed the connector the wifi would be off and never be turned on until restart system,same as the result when I unplugged the connector from interface and plugged it back in. when I press the bottom case of macbook pro, the case press the connector.So that is the cause of the problem! Does normal wifi card really should have to be turned on back by reboot when I replug connector? Why just pressing the connector makes wifi card disconnect from the notebook. How can I fixed it? It never happened before.

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You make two claims: "which usually causes my wifi turns off." and "It never happened before." Regardless of which is factual your problem is one of operator misuse.

Using a laptop in bed causes risk of fire (Search Google for 'fire was caused by laptop computer') Please stop this practice at once for your own safety, and the safety of others in your building.

You are flexing the case bynot providing the standard/expected flat surface underneath the laptop. Any laptop could suffer this sort of malfunction.

The flex causes shorting out of the connector… at some point your machine may not recover at restart.

To recap: Don't use the laptop in bed, or, if you do use some sort of bed-board, lap-tray, over the bed table to provide a flat surface completely across the bottom of the machine.

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Thanks for your advice and reply. But I use laptop in the bed for many years including other laptops. It never case the problem. It is also a design problem for Apple. They have changed it in new MacBooks. So you mean I should replace the flexed case not AirPort card to fix this( actually the case is flat by eyes)? But the wifi card also would be off and never be turned on until restart when I unplugged the connector from interface and plugged it back in. Don't you think the connector is too easy for shorting out? Actually pressing the connector very lightly will short it out. I am thinking about replace AirPort card. Is It necessary? I want to know how the normal AirPort card goes on.


You can replace the card if it's been damaged. Follow the guide for your specific machine. You could very likely had some black insulating material shift inside your case, it is normally positioned so as to stop case shorts… when it gets really hot the adhesive loses it's "sticky".You can reposition and replace that material to reduce the sensitivity.


Great! I have fixed it by attaching a small piece of insulating material(white, not black ,have to be black?) stuck on the connector so that there is no gap between the connector and case to make connector come loose. Now I can use Macbook in my bed again without worrying about wifi cut off! No more restart! Thanks very much for your help! I am very happy now.


No the color makes no difference… I'd be certain it wasn't larger than it needed to be - if you reduce the airflow through the case you'll increase overheating.


I'm am having the same issue. I gently touch the connection of the wifi cable to the motherboard and the wifi signal on my screen goes empty. Where did you put the insulation?


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Can you please explain what to do? I'm having the same problem but I am confused about what you guys are talking about since I do not know a lot about computers

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