Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Display is acting randomly after replacement, works on its own.

Hello... I've been replacing iPhone displays since the 2G. This is my first time replacing an iPhone 5 display assembly.

Everything seemed right until two days after the replacement. The screen started acting on its own, it acts randomly. Makes calls, add contacts, starts swaping left right, etc.

Also sometimes it goes unresposive and i have to touch it a lot of times until it works.

I want to know if I did something wrong during replacement, or how can I fix this? Please the last thing I want to do is buy a new one, but if there is no solution then I guess I will have to deal with that.

Help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Guys I tried another Display assembly, bought it from a different provider than the first one, also tried it on another iPHone and I got the same issue!!!! I know it must be something I must be doing wrong during replacement. If anybody knows pleaseee help! I don´t wanna continue wasting money.... help! If this can be fixed I would realllyyyyy appreciate it! Thanks!!!

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I replaced another display assembly, bought it from another provider different form the first display mentioned above. And I got the same problem. So this means I must be doing something wrong or missing something... Please guys I beg for your help this is my second Display assembly damaged, this is iPhone 5 display assemby which are very expensive. Please help!!!


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Sounds like the i5 has developed the same problem as the ipad mini in that the digitizer or chassis has some kind of short on it.

I would first check the chassis or frame of the i5 for ANY damage as just the slightest dent or deformity in it would cause a grounding then check the connector on the board.

If you pre fit it ie put a piece of paper between the frame and the new screen does it still do it, (an ipad mini wont)

If it does then it most likely is at the motherboard connector where the problem is, if it does not then it is a problem with grounding on the frame/chassis.

Also i found that on the iPad mini if i bought OEM parts there was less of a problem but you are only going on the word of the supplier that its OEM parts

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers for those who did not know

Something else to check is the ribbon cable for the digitizer, it fits a certain way as far as i can remember it folds under not over itself and this can cause a problem in that you are flexing the cable back on itself and it might cause a problem although im not sure on that one.

I just keep at it and something usually clicks in the back of my brain, i try and think of it as a car, motherboard is engine, frame is car body, battery is petrol, why is petrol contaminated, why no spark.

i use a multimeter to find bad earths, it might be the wrong way but it works for me

if you get where im coming from then good, if not then you dont tinker like my brain does.

Hope you get some brainwave idea out of it.



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Awesome answer dude. Can't thank you enough for being such a logically minded person. The paper trick is excellent. Haven't done it yet but have a phone doing exactly the same. Makes perfect sense,


The digitizer can easily get unplugged I always quaddriple+ check before and after screwing in the metal plate.

Usually for me it's either bad screens or not plugged in properly. Nothing else other than liquid damage of course or a bent board.


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