Capacitor fall off, need bypass?

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I got this Iphone 5 for saving her pictures. The phone fell in to salt water. I opened the phone and could easily see the corrosion around the battery connector. I took the logic board out and put in to isopropyl alcohol and cleaned. i could see that the capacitor was burned out, and 3-4 of them fell of. Can i feed the logic board with battery supply by bypassing some of these capacitor? I need to save her pictures. The phone at the moment doesn't turn on at all.

Thanks in advance.

Were lucky to find a schematic and layout for i5. The layout marked smd is "fell off"

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Answer this question I have this problem too

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Post an image with your question. If we can not see what caps "fell off" we can not determine their function.


hi oldturkey03

Please have a look at the pic. There are severeals capacitors around the battery connector. maybe i need to take another pic tomorrow under the microscope. this is just too far away :)


That looks like your battery circuit. Any chance you can remove the battery and zoom down to the components? the yellow circle marks the once that are missing?


Yes the yellow ones are missing.


Link for doulci activator v3 here

below this video


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