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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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How can I fix my disabled iPhone 4?

My brother's friend gave him an iPhone 4, and it's disabled. All we can do on it is slide the lock screen to call for an emergency. We've tried to connect it to iTunes and it's not working; it just says "error." At first, it said iTunes needs to be updated, so we updated it. Then it says "iTunes cannot connect to iPhone because it needs a passcode." It tells us to enter the passcode and try again, but the iPhone itself doesn't let us do that. I want to make the phone work for my brother.

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bigpapa, try to place your iPhone in DFU mode. Check here for instructions http://osxdaily.com/2010/06/24/iphone-df... then try to restore with iTunes.

by oldturkey03

I had the exact same problem but have now disabled my phone. I don't want to lose my contacts or photos. So now what do I do? Someone please help me!!!!

by canadianz2001

I let my sister use my iphone4 so that she could go to a basketball game that was an hour away and she kept putting the password in wrong and disabled my phone!!!!! My screen is completely grey and just says in white iPhone is disabled. What do I do?!?!?!?!?!

I cant trust her with my phone ever again!!!!!

by Cyanne

use ip box ..u can get u r data back

by aasikm

make restore and re programs

by aasikm

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Also, Recovery Mode is all that is necessary. Open iTunes on computer. Connect iPhone to computer. Hold both home and power buttons for 20 seconds until iTunes finds iPhone in Recovery Mode. Then just click the Restore button of iTunes on your computer.

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Thank you. That was painless.

by Robert Lorbeer

Hi guys please help i have did allas you guys said but it is still coming up as there is a lock code but i cant even get into my phone, when i slide it takes me to emergency calls only... I need help and im in the middle of the bush in mozambique please somebody help me.... thanks

by lil wayne

Hi Guys i do all as told, but once it complete on my PC it tells me i got a code on my phone before i can connect or disable my iphone.... at the sometime my phone doen or will not allow me to go into it.. soooo i really dont know what else to do mxm super sad and so far from a cell shop??????? HELP

by lil wayne

heloo guy pleas help me my i phone softwear has corrupted what i do plz reply meon this rashidqayyum11@gmail.com

by annsgreat

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I fixed the error by following this guide http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/05/iphone...

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dont have a mac no itunes

by Manuel Mendez

iTunes is not a Mac-only program. Windows versions have been available for nearly fifteen years.

by adlerpe

Here's the easiest Guide - You can fix this error in 3 steps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4Tmt3IW...

by Stephan Popov

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1. Turn off your iPhone

2. Hold the home button then connect the usb cable (Keep holding the button)

3. Wait until a "Cable Logo" shows up on your iPhone and iTunes detect your device in recovery mode

4. Perform a update / restore via iTunes

5. Activate the iPhone using your SIM

If there are any issues on any steps let me know.

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Thank you! Short and sweet.

by Cynthia Chatham

my power button is not working and i dont have the assistive touch


can't fix this erro . "the iphone "iphone" could not be restored", plz help me?

by Senay Gebre

mine says, after restore.. to respond with the iphone. but the iphone still shows emergency mode, and to connect to itunes?

by Nefie Evans

I forgot my icloud, do I need to sign in to icloud after it was restored?

by Denis Reyes

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Hold both the power and home button until the Apple Logo appears. When the Logo appears, release the power button but keep holding the Home Button until "Connect to iTunes" appears. Connect the phone to iTunes and either Enter Recovery Mode, Backup the Device, or do a Factory reset.

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It just goes back to iPhone is disabled message

by Ginger

What do you mean, do a factory reset? The only options that come up on the screen are: Recover, or Backup.

by My Life As Chynna

thank you so much my swaets

by romeena ugle

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1. Make Sure Your Phone Is Shut Down

2. Make Sure Your Charging Cable Is Connected To Your Apple Computer

3. Hold Down On The Home Button And The Shut Down Button For 18 Seconds

3. Click The Button On Your Mac That Says "Restore"

4. Click The Next Button That Says "Update And Restore"

5. And Then Theres Your Unlocked iPhone 4s

Have A Great Day. GoodBye. :)❤️

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It still asks me for the passcode after I click update and restore.

"iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “iPhone” because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes."

by Thomas

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I had this problem last month. I completely restarted my phone by deleting my iCloud. I logged into iCloud online plugged my phone into the computer and clicked delete. It will automatically restart and indisabled. Sadly you will lose all of you memories and music.

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if u have itunes on your computer signin and plug it in to the computer it should give the option to rest it do that 1 or two times till it doe work and your done

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This guide is so helpful for me, Its about enter in Recovery or DFU mode in iPhone 4 and any model. I was also trying to solve my issue, So I tried this guide : How to enter recovery/DFU mode in iPhone 4, It helps me a lot with my iPhone.

Block Image

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Click this link. It is very helpful and everything is on that website. I had that problem too, but now the iPhone is restarted and updated. All the best!

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Just go to iTunes on pc and turn your phone off first. Connect usb charger to your phone and hold the home button at the same time and keep holding until you see the blue or red icon then. You see your iTunes on pc turns up with a restore button click that and it says restore and update click that again it will restore everything on your phone. If you can't follow my instructions try youtube. That's how I got my sisters iPhone to work

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This only works if you have a MacBook.

by Pookie Mosley

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