Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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How do I fix a blank screen after weathering damages?

Previous accidents with my iPhone 4:

Went for a swim in 2 toilets, had a bath and one dunk in a bowl of soup.

My fix for that: Laying my phone in a sealed container filled with rice for about a week.

Always worked perfectly fine after doing that.

I've worked in various kitchens with my phone in my pocket (We're talking 30oC and up, plus the heat from my body). Never started over heating until summer hit.

Over heated twice in the sun, and once in my truck.

My fix for over heating was always putting it in the fridge for a couple minutes then laying it in the shade till it turns itself back on.

What happened before my phone when blank.

At work(in a kitchen) it was in my back side pocket. I was listening to music when all of a sudden the music stopped. I didn't have time to check for the problem so I left it in my pocket for another half hour or so while I finished my job. When I looked at it, the screen was blank. I felt it and it was pretty warm so I threw it in the walk in cooler for a few minutes then brought it out to the front of the bar where it could sit in a cool environment. Couple hours later, checked on it again and it was still blank but it was back to normal temperature. So, I plugged it in to the wall charger that I had brought to work with me. Let it charge for at least two hours while I finished my shift. Still, no dice. Blank screen.

Throughout all this, I proceeded to try holding down the sleep button for at least 15 seconds. With nothing happening, I tried holding the sleep and the home button for at least 15 seconds. Nothing happening still..

When I got home, I instantly went on to various websites looking for what could possibly be wrong.

Here is what I have tried so far.

Putting phone into DFU mode, and restoring with iTunes. iTunes error 1601 comes up.(iTunes is up to date)

Downloaded firmware 6.0.1 and 6.1.3. Tried restoring with both firmwares, iTunes cannot recognize them.

I've tried jailbreaking with Redsn0w. I also tried 'Just boot', 'boot tethered', 'fix recovery', 'select IPSW', and 'custom IPSW'. Nothing worked in any of those categories.

I've tried using TinyUmbrella and iReb to get my phone out of this dreadful dead phase.

I've plugged my phone into the computer and into the wall over night each time.

I also let my phone sit in the rice container over night with no avail.

I brought my phone to an iPhone guy here in my city. He said he took the battery out and put a different one in, he got the apple symbol to show up, but it shortly shut down and repeated. So he put my old battery back in. He didn't tell me anything else he did to my phone though (by this time I was frustrated that he didn't look for a fix since my phone was TURNING ON!!!!) So, I blew it and left before I could ask anything.

I have two windows open on my computer right now. They're two guides, one how to change my battery and the other how to change my motherboard.

I have a spare parts iPhone that I can harvest from.

I am open to suggestions from anyone who knows something I haven't tried yet. I have some time to sit down and mess around with this phone. Whether I get it working or not, I really enjoy the experience.

I'll wait another few days before opening up the phone and following the above mentioned guides just in case. :)

Thanks for reading my long and somewhat psycho explanation of my beloved iPhone 4 and thank you very much for all your suggestions.


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Cee, how long ago was the water damage? Besides the rice, did you do anything else?


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Hello there. My wife dropped my iphone 4 in a cup of mountain dew, while it was charging, on the ride home and didn't notice it till 30 mins later :( Tragic!!!

Any way, i purchased the parts to take it apart and and do a bit of cleaning. It worked for a few months then it did what yours did. dead. i changed the battery it came to the apple screen and back off it went.

My fix... I removed the motherboard and applied ALOT of 91% isopropyl Alcohol. I mean i just about soaked it in it. cleaned with Q-tips, and let set. Plugged everything in and it came on! Its never happened again. Only downside is i think a portion of the rubbing alcohol messed up my sound cause it worked before this little episode but after is bathed it in Alcohol it didn't work again... (Still trying to figure out what part on the motherboard is responsible for this). But it works. Sound works with headphones in so im not that bothered by it. Let me know if this helps!

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