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What to do after wine spilled on my HP G60-235D trackpad and keyboard?


So, I like to fix minor issues for people on their computers. A co-worker recently brought me his laptop that he says his wife spilled a glass of wine on. I turned it on and it started right up. However, the keyboard does multiple keystrokes and if say I hit a home row key, it will also hit a key from the lower row, i.e., if I hit "a", it will type "a" and "z." Also, the trackpad is not working. The cursor just sits there, very jittery. As the computer was on longer, the cursor moved erratically about the screen and selected items on its own, like it was possessed. I'm wondering, can I just clean the trackpad and keyboard with isopropyl alcohol or do I need to replace both? Or should I replace the motherboard as well since we are talking about a wine (liquid and sugar formation after evaporation)? Any suggestions would be great.

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Peter Bertling, "like it was possessed" probably not. Most likely corroded. I would use the service manual from here and clean everything first with sterile water then with isopropyl alcohol. Then reassemble and re-evaluate. Check for any broken, severely corroded or missing components. Hope this helps, good luck.

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