I can't hear the caller, but they can hear me well.

Hi everyone,

I was hoping that maybe some technician around here can guide me with my issue or maybe someone that had the same problem like me.

I bought an iPhone 4 from 2nd hand and everything seemed perfect at the time of the purchase. But when I tried to call, I've noticed the volume of the earpiece was very low (the call volume was at the top level). I never had an iPhone before, so I thought maybe it was the “normal” call volume.

I tried pretty much everything at first, from upgrading my phone till’ restoring it and the problem still persisted.

I took the phone to a specialized repair center to get the earpiece replaced and it worked "well" for a while, but I still cannot hear very well the incoming or the outgoing calls (even with the volume at the top level). I must say that I have no problems at all with the mic, or the external speakers of the phone and callers can hear me very well.

I tried these possible solutions:

1. Tried to clean carefully the earpiece with a soft and clean toothbrush.

2. Tried to blow a little air thru the earpiece.

But it didn’t work so well (just cleaning it with the toothbrush, helped a little bit because it was kind of dusty).

Surfing thru the web, I’ve founded that people seemed to have the problem where they can’t hear them; neither can they hear the caller. That’s not my case at all and I cannot find someone who has or had the same problem as I do.

Please help me, I am cracking my head to find out what’s the problem with my phone but still can’t find the answer :(

Should I…

Replace the Anti-dust mesh?

Replace the sound chip?

P.S. The technician, who replaced the earpiece, told me that the phone didn’t seem damaged or wet from the inside. Actually the phone was (and still is) in an excellent shape when I bought it, it was a 10 out of 10.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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If you have experience taking apart phones. You can take a look inside yourself and follow this guide.

iPhone 4 Teardown

Once you have achieved step 13, you can notice the earpiece speaker is slightly orange . This piece has two metal bars on both sides of it. Make sure these bars are straight and parallel as they need to line up when the logicboard is put back in place.

This could be your problem.



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