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Buzzing, grinding noise coming from rear and centerish?

My macbook pro has started to make this super annoying grinding noise, that sort of sounds like a small(toy size) electric motor, which made me think that it must be the fans, as when it was really bad the computer was also uncomfortably warm.

So thanks to this site I got the tools needed and opened up the back removed the fans and cleaned them with a toothbrush and some canned air, but sadly the problem persisted, so i thought it must be the HDD, so I ordered a new HDD (hybrid 1tb) and put that in, which didn't help and leaves me 200 dollars poorer. I have tried to look online but it is really hard to tell if their sound is similar, which is why included the audio link down at the bottom.

The noise seems to be coming from underneath the 'Y', or at least when the noise happens I can feel vibrations strongest from the Y key. Please Help

edit: I recorded the noise here :

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While you did clean the fans that doesn't mean that the floating bearing isn't failed/ing. You're probably going to need to replace one or both of the fans in that system.

I know it doesn't help you now, but in the future, try to remember to go for the cheapest suspected parts first. If you replace a fan and it's not needed, its a smaller hit to the wallet for something that won't hurt the system all that much.

If I recall properly, the "left" fan is what you're probably going to want to order as that is how Apple labels the fans on that system.

Good Luck!

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If you are referring to this problem:

then I may have a solution. It fixed mine.

I tried hitting that side of the laptop, blowing in the back and all that good stuff. None of it worked permanently. It seemed like the clearance between the actual fan and the base it is attached to was too small. Swaying the laptop back and forth actually changed the scraping sound's pitch. There is a natural wobble of the fan, but swaying should still not make it scrape... that is how I came to the conclusion of the clearance being too low. I decided to pop the back cover off and have a look. Took out the entire fan and opened its casing to where the fan was completely exposed. I used a tiny Flathead screw driver and VERY carefully started prying the fan upward off of its base a bit, until i felt a very slight pop (DO NOT pop the fan of its base). I did this symmetrically all around the fan (this will increase the fan to base clearance). Please do not pry too hard, however. You do not want the fan to pop off. Hope this helps a few of you.

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How is this fan going now? If it starts requiring such an effort doesn't this mean that it is about to fail and needs to be replaced?


Hi Andrey!

My fan is still up and running!


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You can also remove the fan from the enclosure, so that the metal bearing is exposed. Then, if you have some silicon grease or teflon grease, a small (and I mean small) dab of it on the bearing will smooth things right up. Most of the time the grinding noise comes from the friction between the bearing and the fan as they spin. DO NOT use WD-40 or any other grease other than silicon grease, it will sound like you fixed it, but it will dry out quickly and you will be back where you started. I used to replace the fans making the noise like this, but now, a majority of them can be restored and work like they did when they were new without the cost of a whole new fan.The longest lasting is the silicon/teflon grease. If that doesn't work then yes, I would say you need a new fan.

Hope this Helps

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Deal with it. I know it may seem very bad but all you can do is go to the apple store and get them to fix it for thousands of dollars. Askyour self is it worth it? I've tried everything.

-Gabriel Cardillo

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