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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010 & Late 2011

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Display interchangeable with 2009 17" MacBook?


Another display question from my side ... as I do not have the scheme of the early 2011 MB 17", I would like to know, if someone does know if the displays - glossy one from 2009 and matte one from 2011 - of the 17" MBs are interchangeable in general.

As far as I see, there are no differences during this product line.

Regards, Stone

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According to the ifixit-store, there is only one LCD panel for all MB17".

by Stone

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The models from 2009-2011 all have model numbers A1297 so you can use any display for A1297. They upgraded the resolution in 2009 to 1920X1200.

All models MBP 17":

The model before that was A1229.

You could also use a matte display. Not easy to find on Ebay but I have seen some. You would also have to get the bezel.

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Thanks Asle. The fact is, that I own a late 2008 17" with glossy display and was offered a early 2011 with matte display - as I do like the glossy ones more, I would like to exchange them (because I wanted to get the 2011 one because of processor). Easiest way would be to just exchange the whole display part without dismantling the display itself by removing the glas etc. Regards, Stone

by Stone

I understand. It should work then. Yes the 2011 is a sports car compared to the 2008 model. I tried to upgrade ram and put an SSD in a 2008 model but it did not help very much. It is due to the slower RAM speed and limited SATA3.

by asle

I did the same. Upgraded to 8 GB RAM and usung a SSD. It helped while working with Logic Pro, e.g. bouncing or exporting tracks, but I do a lot with virtual machines (virtualbox) and therefore I wanted to have this upgrade, at least for increased bus speed. Awaiting the 03/2011 one on Thursday and I will then ;-) Regards, Stone

by Stone

Hi Got the early 2011 MacBook with i7 processor. As I had to exchange the HDD for my SSD, I opened it up and have to say, that exchanging the displays (especially the whole unit), will obviously not work, as WLAN connector, bluetooth are totally different, so at least I have to change the cards, too. As this is not that easy as the display cover may be different by its mountings (which can be seen when removing the hinge), I decided to leave it as it is and to install a glossy display some time in the future or even adding a "glossy" display glass. Regards, Stone

by Stone

Hi Stone, I really feel stupid because I was thinking of the LCD (which is cross compatible) and not the display assembly. I have done these replacements several times and in fact gave you a wrong answer. They seem to change the bluetooth, audio board setup almost every year. Sometimes the cables are shorter and they even combine 2 of the cables into 1. I do not blame you if you vote me down! I am really sorry and hope I think better next time!

by asle

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