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No input / output sound devices, no startup chime


I have got a (second) MacBook 17" 2.93 GHz C2D unibody from early 2009.

Last days I noticed, that the sound devices (input / output) disappeared in preferences pane.

Also I do not have any startup chime.

I reset NVRAM / PRAM, SMC and also I took off the battery and interestingly, this helped from time to time. Lets say 2 out of 5 attempts to get it back to life are successful.

Also I repaired file system permissions.

I checked it by installing Win7 with boot camp, but also the sound devices do not appear in Windows.

It seems to be the fact, that if I do not switch on the MacBook for 1 or 2 days (or even longer) and switch it on then, the sound devices appear again; also sometimes the volume keys on the keyboard do react very, very slow (took about 2 or 3 seconds until I get the sign on screen after pressing).

I tried it by installing Snow Leopard, 10.6.8, and Mountain Lion, 10.8.4 - no difference at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Stone

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As a work around you could use a USB audio adapter, USB audio is independent of on board analog audio. Some of these have built in microphones... most have audio in/out ports.

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Hello MacHead3

Thanks for your answer - yes, this would be a workaround, but I would love to find out, what 's wrong.

I ran AHT extended version and it does not find any issues.



by Stone

Some times you have to run AHT extended mode 2 or 3X for it to point out a problem.

by originalmachead

Ok, I will try this and let you know about.

by Stone

After trying also some WD40 I think it is a hardware issue, need to strip down the MB and have a closer look to the output jack ... but I think, it is not the jack.

by Stone

Yesterday I had some time and decided to let the AHT run as suggested, as suddenly the startup chime reappeared. I was watching a movie on DVD then for about an hour or two and had no problems ... as I put the movie to background in order to check mails and reopened the movie afterwards, the device was still "available" but I had no sound anymore; also the function keys for volume reacted very, very slow and after a reboot, the MacBook turned to total silence again ... cannot understand this and it is definitely not reproducible.

I installed Linux on it and it recognizes a MC97 HDA sound device, but I got no sound from the internal speakers (I think HDA will only work with HDMI connected device).

I am a little bit lost :-(



by Stone

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It sounds like if both the input and output device is gone from the sound panel on OS X it must be a hardware failure. OS X can not communicate with the device even if it finds it. The chips are on the logic board so it sounds like you need a logi board repair. Do you see a light inside the headphone jack? Not sure it would help since the digital output can hang sometimes and needs to be reset. But if OS X does not list in and output devices it can not communicate with them and it seems to be a hardware failure.

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Yes, I do think it is a hw issue. There is no light inside the jack. I am thinking of a broken soldering, as it seems to work under some kind of heat and little pressure.

Will have a closer look this evenibg, also taking measurement with a scope.

Regards, Stone

by Stone

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