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iPhone will not stay on when unplugged with NEW battery. Errors too!

Bought a used iphone 4s from a friend who was updating it to 6.3.1 when battery died while updating. He bought a new battery thinking that was the problem. Same thing. Here is exactly what happens.

-Plugged into computer, apple logo comes on then off after few seconds, then back on then off etc.

-Itunes tried to restore software and I get error 21 or error -1 or error 1600 or error 1349 It's random everytime

-will not restore phone, not sure if it was ever jailborken

-Can get to plug into itunes screen for about a minute



-plugged into wall or car charger, phone goes to home screen where it says welcome to ios6, please plug into itunes to finish configuration.

-Can't unplug it because it shuts off

I HAVE A BRAND NEW BATTERY so it is not the battery unless my brand new battery is a dud. Plus, the old one worked fine, phone just had a dead battery when updating software last.

Tried redsnow to get it out of loop as well as other programs, then error 21 in itunes changed to error 1 error 1349 error 1600, its random everytime..

Right now it is at an iphone doctor in puerto rico where I live. However, I don't trust puerto ricans here to get the job done correctly. Is it hardware software or both? phone has no water damage and worked fine before battery dying on update.. It goes into dfu mode and pwnedfu and still wont update on itunes. Maybe loose battery connector or plug in somehwere? Thanks!

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Let it complete charge on an AC charger. your USB port will not supply enough amperage to fully charge your battery.


Did you solve your problem? i have the same problem


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Normally the start up loop is due to a lack of power, as the iPhone is trying to start and has no got enough to finish the job.

I know you have already replaced the battery, but almost all new batteries out there are 3rd party ones and a lot of them a duds (I have had 5 in a row be dead on arrival).

So where to go from here, recommend replacing the battery again or using the old one if you think that is okay.

Leave the iPhone on charge to a few hours to truly get a full charge in it.

I have had a look at them error codes and they all have a common relationship with some sort of interruption, which could be lack of power due to the battery.

Guides which cover the replacement are found here iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

Please let me know how things progress.


Brendan Mills

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Thanks and you know that seems right, it is a power issue I feel. Will go back to old battery and give her a good overnight charge. i just spoke with my friend who I bought phone from and here is the update

*He had the phone new for one month. Left it on the table with 5%battery left. Forgot to charge it and came back to a dead phone. Plugged into computer to charge it and above problems started happening. So I think this all comes from a crashed software problem perhaps?


Lets see what happens after an over night charge with the old battery, hopefully the issue will be resolved.

Note about Li-ion batteries, they love to be kept charged, they hate being fully discharged it is actually the worst thing for them, for example if you were to keep the battery in storage it would be best at a charge level of about 40%, thats why a lot of batteries which you buy will be around that level when you first use them. 40% is the optimum level for longest life, but that is no good in a device you use all the time. I would recommend not letting the battery fall below 10% as much as you can.


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please can you fixing my i phone 4 no working complete yesterday find it but now no working can find selution and repaire


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