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Is a MacBook that's ran over by a car worth fixing?

Hello! I'm pretty new to this community, so bear with me please! :P

A good friend of mine gave me this MacBook Pro 15" late 2011 for free! But it was ran over by a car :/

The screen is completely shattered and the bottom cover is badly bent. When I first turned this on, it did the triple beep, which I then re-installed the memory, and it does boot with the ominous apple chime. So, up to that point, I believe the computer is "functional"

I am about to take this to the apple store to see if they can help me out, but I wanted to hear your opinion as well.

So here is my question. Is it worth it to fix this? I mean, I am willing to fix the screen and replace the hard drive or memory if I have to, but I don't want to replace the screen to find that the motherboard got damaged :/

Here's the thing, when I turn it on, the computer does the chime, the front light indicator turns on, and the screen is on but broken. When I close the lid after turning on, the front light indicator does go on. I left it on for 15 mins in hopes to see that it went to desktop, but the volume button doesn't do anything. And the keyboard light buttons doesn't to anything either. The caps lock light turns on when I press it, but that's about it. Can anyone tell me if their MacBook's keyboard is unresponsive to the volume button when it boots into the log in? Or could it be that it boots into some kind of error?

Anyways, any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking your time to read this ^^

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I've seen a few Macs in person that have been run over by a car (odd that it happens so often!) and somehow lived through it so I wouldn't abandon hope...

Volume controls should respond at the login screen, at least in 10.8.4 as I just tested that with a spare Mac on my desk.

If I were you I would try to connect it to an external display, using a mini display port adapter to whatever display you have available. This is something that the Genius Bar should be able to do for you. If you get video on the external display then you might just be in luck assuming all else seems to function properly. With that said, I would still peek inside the machine to make sure the LVDS (video) connection on the logic board isn't damaged before deciding to repair it.

While at the Genius Bar, assuming it gets video to the external display, I would ask them to run AST (Apple Service Toolkit) to check for problems and possibly ASD (Apple Service Diagnostics) which is a bit more involved. These could give you a bit more confidence when deciding if it's worth repairing. Apple will likely quote you a Tier 4 depot repair in the neighborhood of $800 to repair the damage but you may be able to repair it yourself for a good bit less.

Good luck! Try to report back with your findings, I'm always interested in seeing damaged Macs be brought back to life!

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Update: So, I just came back from the apple store. Things aren't looking so great :/

They said that the hard drive is damaged and is unusable. And they couldn't get the display output to work, which I assumed was the external display out, and they said it is not bootable.

I kinda don't want to give up on it though. Any ideas on where I should begin? I could possibly try to get another hard drive, but not sure how to boot this and everything. I'm new to Mac :P

Btw, I'm going to check up on the LVDS when I have the time


Oh, and they said the repairs would cost $1250 lol



So, I've finally connected the MBP to an external hard drive and it seems like everything works... I got it to the recovery mode and reformatted the hard drive (apple genius told me that it was toast, and they totally hacked my 4 mounting screws for the hard drive...) and now trying to re-install OS X Lion. I don't think I can do it though because it says it'll take 7 hours and the battery is at 36% and I dot got a 85w charger :P

So with that said, do you guys think the logic board is fine, if it's able to go this far?

Thanks for the support ^^


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