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What are Screen differences between late 2008 vs mid 2009 MacBook Pro?


I have a late 2008 MacBook Pro (which display assembly is the same as early 2009 Macbook Pro).

My LCD is cracked and I have found a cheap damaged MacBook Pro and I would like to use this to fix my MacBook Pro (better to open and change the LCD), but that is for sale is mid 2009 MacBook Pro.

I see that ifixit sell diferent display assemblies, one for late 2008/early 2009 and another for mid 2009.

So, can anyone tell me what are the diferences?

Are screw positions?

Cable lenght? If this is the problem I can use my cables, airport, inverter, etc.

I've looked the photos (huge) but I can't see any diference:

Late 2008 / early 2009 MacBook Pro Screen

Mid 2009 MacBook Pro Screen

Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009) Display Assembly Image


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009) Display Assembly


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well, someone has gotten their information incorrect, as their listings are incorrect. there is no such thing as an early 2009 15" macbook pro (there is an early 09 17", but not 15")

what they are probably referring to is the difference between the 2.53GHz Mid 09 15" and the other ranges of 09 15", as the 2.53Ghz only has 1 fan, instead of 2, so the logic board, heat sink and fan configurations are different, but everything else is interchangeable between the Mid 2009 models. but they are both Mid 09, not early 09 and mid 09.

The difference between the 08 model and the 09 model is the length of the cable from the curve by the base of the optical drive, to the logic board port. on the 09 model it is 6cm in length, but the 08 model it is 4.5cm. aside from that, the LCDS are interchangeable, as are the isight, bluetooth and airport boards... The complication would be with the Lid panel itself and the route in which the isight cable runs along the right side. last time i checked it wouldn't work because of this...

apple state the 2008 displays are only for the 08 model, there are 2 versions of the display unit. the Mid 2009 range (including the 2.53GHz model) also has 2 versions, one is the glossy model, the other is the anti-glare one.

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Hi Jon!

I'm sorry for the delay.

I think that exist an 15" early 2009 MacBook pro, released on March 29, but it doesn't matter. My MBP is a late 2008 and which I can buy is Mid 2009, I have changed the question title to avoid confusions.

So the diferences are:

* Mid 2009 optical driver cable is 6cm. Late 2008 is 4.5cm. No problems can be exchange.

* Mid 2009 has the iSigth cable route on the right, ¿late 2008 on the left?

What problems can produce that? eg no close the laptop screen?

Any idea?



It is true that there was a later release of the 2008 model, but they just added 2 processor types to the category instead of launching a new range... The machines that were released in march are still in the Late 2008 category according to apples range identifier.

The main problem would be getting the cable for the isight to reach the logic board, because its quite a bit shorter... the LCD and LVDS cable will work fine though. But it wouldn't be easy to get it to work because of the iSight/Bluetooth/Airport cable length and the angle in which it runs through the display unit.


Hi again Jon,

As I see from the ifixit images, you are right the camera cable lenght are diferent. Here the late 2008, Here mid 2009 but which seems larger is the mid 2009 version! Don't you agree? It seems that 2009 version has the slot 'higher up'. bye ;-)


we have a listing for both isight cables, and we have measurements in the photos 2008 cable to show the difference, because they are very similar... 2009 cable

I hope this helps confirm the difference in length


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