How do I reattach the spring inside the cashregister?


The cash drawer would not open . I took the screws out and disassembles the toy. There was a spring laying inside. I can not see where it attaches. My grandkids love this toy as much as my kids did and I hate to give up on it.

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1. On the inside of the base is a long coiled spring. First hook this back over the end of the central drawer runner. Have a ruler or similar flat item handy to release it later.

If the mechanism inside the cash register has come apart, read paragraph 2. If not, go to 3.

2. Take the body of the cash register and insert the narrow end of the brown plastic lever through the white plastic assembly, until it engages with the handle mechanism. You will then feel resistance when turning the handle. There is a flat metal strip in the middle of the assembly. On the side of the brown lever is a small projecting peg. Put this behind the metal strip. Put the thicker end of the lever through the rectangular gap in the white assembly.

3. Place the drawer into the body of the cash register so that the back of it engages with the V shaped notch on the plastic lever.

Hold the drawer and body together with one hand and carefully lower them on to the base. While there is still a small gap under the drawer, insert the ruler to release the coiled spring. This will engage with the projection under the drawer.

Push everything together and replace the screws. Job done!

This helped a lot. One remark on point one. There are two pegs on the side of the base which the hooks of the spring attaches to. This creates a crossbow effect at the back of the central drawer with the spring. The spring therefore fits perpendicular to the central drawer.


Glad it was helpful. Good point about the spring. I'll add it to my answer to another similar question on the site.


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