Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Device does not boot after drop


have a macbook pro a1278 ... The device fell on the ground...now it does not boot anymore

When I plug the charger, the led ON the charger is always green.....

when I press the little button on the frame( to check the battery charging), the LEDS don't turn on....

any suggestions where the problem could be??

logicboard broken?


how high is likelyhood, that the dc jack is broken due to the drop???(it did not fell on that corner)??

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Could be a few different things here. Where did it hit the ground on the edge/side or flat side down on the top/bottom? Do you have any dents and if you do where? Is the screen damaged in any way (cracked)?


It hit the ground on the edge....(corner where the battery is)

I opened the device and removed the logicboard ... saw that one usb port is a bit damaged...the rest seems to be ok....[http://]


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There is always a risk with dropped systems that are dead as you could just have a logic board failure as you describe or you could have other issues as well here.

What you ideally need to do here is working with a second system test out each of the other sub assembles to make sure the logic board is all you need to replace. Depending on what you find it might be cheaper to buy a new system (or used).

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hi dan:

given that the LED was always green, I assumed that the battery is not charging...

Given, that I have another macbook a1342 (white one) I tried to plug the battery of the a1342 (connector was the same and I checked the data..seemed to be the same...)

Suddenly the macbook turned on, it worked fine for a couple minutes than I shut it down...

when I tried to restart, it booted but at a certain point, it crashed and now it does not work anymore..

sorry for this stupid question: but do you think that I broke the board because I used the battery of my other macbook ... (It does not fit so I just connected it, kept the battery in my hand and pressed the powerbutton..

so my question actually is: are the batteries of a macbook a1342 and a macbook pro a1278 (beside the look) different....??

I don't understand why it worked perfectly for a couple minutes and than it just died...


Opps! that was not a good idea. The voltage of the batteries are not the same! So you could have damaged something. You need to swap between like spec'ed things (same model). The HD can be because it is common standard (SATA) Batteries & displays are often custom (the connection point to the logic board).


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are you sure about that..!??

As I said I checked mAh, Wh as well as volt

both batteries had the same values

on both batteries is written: -->10,95V ---- 60 W/h

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I guess I stand corrected then. In any case you could still have damaged something. Did you swap back the batteries so the good working system is again now working?


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yes the other system works fine

the only thing is: probably the pinout of the 2 macbooks is different... but I have no idea where I can find a schedule to check that ...

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You may just want to find a used system and swap over your hard drive if its still working Vs spending all of the effort and costs trying to repair this one. If you get an exact same model look at it this way you'l have some spare parts for it ;-]


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