Does an Apple employee have unique ability to boot my MBP?


My laptop in question is a Macbook Pro 13-inch, Early 2011. For reasons unknown to me, my computer has refused to power on, whether I simply push the power button or short the power pads on the logic board.

Now, having described these inexplicable symptoms to a Genius Bar employee, said employee refused to extend my Apple Care Coverage to this problem, claiming the Logic Board was "corroded," as the result of Liquid Damage, despite the employee's admission that none of the LSIs / LCIs were tripped.

Following this meeting, I cleaned my logic board, and after reassembling the computer, I plugged in the Magsafe power adapter, and in response, my computer suddenly powered itself on. It is currently running.

Within the first few minutes of this inexplicable bootup, the battery indicator in the top right of the screen claimed that the installed battery was 51% charged. But, that was soon replaced by the 'X' / "No Batteries Available" message, which continues to display after 12 hours of running the computer. In addition, the computer is claiming that no battery is installed, despite that the battery installed in my MBP has just recently been purchased, brand new. The fan seems to be running on high. Further, the magsafe power adapter has a constant amber light.

Now, all of the above symptoms might vanish, it would seem to me, if I reset the SMC. However, this course of action would require shutting down the computer, and I would like to meet with the Genius employees (at a different Apple Store from the one where the aforementioned meeting occurred) with a powered-on computer. Yet, even so, I fear that the MBP will shut down in the event of unplugging the Magsafe Adapter, which would obviously be required in order to transport the computer to the apple store.

My question, then, is: Do the Genius Bar employees have the tools/ability to boot my computer without resorting to either of these two methods? If not, is there a way to get my MBP running during my meeting with the employees? I feel the Genius Bar Employee is more likely to approve of my Apple Care warranty to cover this problem if I can show them that it has the capacity to run.

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So the first Genius opened the system to take a look? Or he just pressed the power button and then made his statement? Does you system look beaten up or very dirty? A system that looks well maintained (other than the few scrapes and bumps) is likely to get a different response than a grimy beaten up system. Lastly, did you get your system wet (spilled drink or dropped into a puddle) or damp (near the sea or in the rain forest)?


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As to keeping your system alive for the trek to the Apple Store. Don't think thats going to happen here as I suspect your battery is having problems (could be a logic bd issue). For now take the risk of shutting it down and resetting the SMC. In any case, if you're able to power up or not you still need to go back to the Apple Store or other independent Apple certified repair center.

If your AppleCare has expired (extended warranty) then you'll need to make a good impression to the other Apple Store employee. A sad face with a few tears welling up in your eye's and as clean a system in a clean case you can muster can make a difference. Maybe they will sympathize and extend it to cover your system. If you still get a No answer, ask to see the service manager and again look like your best friend has died. Hopefully they bend, if not they may hit you for a bench fee and they will cover the parts costs. Which I think is the best deal you get here.

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Thanks for your response.

To my knowledge, the Genius employee did not attempt to boot the computer, at least in front of me (maybe he did it in the back room). The employee simply opened the bottom cover and then claimed the exposed side of the logic board was corroded. Though, I see no evidence of corrosion. I have not gotten my system wet. My Apple Care has not yet expired, and that's why I think showing them that it can boot up may make the next employee less likely to claim water damage.

With regards to your suggestion of resetting the SMC: it would seem to me to be a fruitless course of action, because I am certain that my power button is broken.


They may have looked at the moisture detector labels inside your system when they took it to the bench in the back. Which is why I also asked if you have been in a humid location as their have been reports of the detectors going off just from humidity. I would recommend asking them (if they refuse again) if that is why they won't cover the repair under AppleCare. I do think you have more than a power button problem here, given what you have stated. I'm less worried about having the system powered up as long as the moisture detectors are not tripped. Again make sure your system looks clean (don't get it wet use a damp cloth to wipe it down with). Let us know what happens. Good Luck!


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