The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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MacBook display backlight not coming on. - Help me I'm in agony.


About a year ago, the power cord on my MacBok wore through where it connected to the magsafe plug. It was the old style defective design magsafe plug which Apple updated because of this problem. I took it took an Apple Store, but would not replace it for free, and I did not have $80 for a new one.

I continued using it and it sparked and smoked and somehow damaged the motherboard. I brought it to an Apple Store again, and of course they would not fix it.

It took me almost a year to save up enough money to get a new power supply and motherboard. (I am disabled with OCD and PTSD.)

While following the guide to changed the motherboard, it did not say how to unplug the backlight connector. It looked like it had to be be pulled sideways, and the wires came out. I now know the plug is supposed to lifted out. I ordered a new plug and put the wires in with tweezers and plugged it in.

My MacBook started up and worked perfectly then the backlight went out and I heard sparks and smelled burning. A wire on the backlight plug was loose and touched the motherboard. I put it back in, but the backlight will not come on. Shining a light on the screen I can see the MacBook is working. I can see the Finder. The screen just is not lit. There is a scorched spot on the motherboard next to the backlight plug receptacle. It looks like a tiny diode or resister.

Somebody please help me. What is wrong? How can I get the backlight to come on? How can I get power to it?

I am about to have a nervous breakdown. I live on my Macbook. Internet, reading, gaming. Everything. It has to work. i am so desperate.

Thank you

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You do have plenty of issues with this computer to properly determine what you need. First thing you want to do is to properly identify your computer. Give us the last three digits of your serial number. Then post images of your damaged connector and the area where it sparked and smoked. If we can not see what you see, any answer will only be a guess.


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If this is the same computer as the one in What part is this, please? then the part was identified as a120OHM-1.5A 0402-LF package EMI Filter Bead

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I had similar problem. The burned "thing" was resistor underneath the inverter connector.

You can check it here:

Voltages of pins on logic board where inverter cable hooks up.

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I would try replacing the inverter. MacBook Display Inverter

However, it may be a logic board failure. Look at the specs of your MacBook to determine what kind you need.

MacBook Display Inverter Image


MacBook Display Inverter


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"There is a scorched spot on the motherboard next to the backlight plug receptacle. It looks like a tiny diode or resister." a new inverter will not fix this.


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