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Replaced MagSafe board, computer won't power on. Suggestions?

My late 2008-early 2009 MacBook Pro was not receiving a charge from my 85w power adaptor (green LED or faint LED), but would start charging eventually after reconnecting it several times. After looking into it, it made sense that the MagSafe board needed to be replaced, and so I did. After very carefully doing so and double checking all connections, screws, seating, etc... the MagSafe board and adaptor seem to work and the battery charges properly (as indicated by the LED charge indicator), but the computer will not power on. So here's what I've tried:

-triple and quadruple checking all connections

-SMC reset (disconnect power and battery, hold down power button for ten seconds, reconnect power cord while holding power button for ten more seconds, turn power on normally)

-swapping old MagSafe board back in

-interchanging both RAM chips

-disassembling and cleaning power button

-powering on with and without battery

None of these things have worked, and I'm really hoping that the logic board isn't somehow toast, as that's a pricey replacement.

I should also mention that I haven't had any problems with this computer such as GPU or anything else.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Have you tried using a different 85 watt AC adapter?

by Matt Barnes

Yolorepair ca, that worked! It booted up right away when I touched pin 5 to ground. I will try to reconnect the keyboard ribbon again, but if that doesn't work, does that mean I need to replace the whole keyboard? What would you recommend? Thank you so much!

by Matt P

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If you look at the image i uploaded you can test it by connecting pin 5 to ground. You can connect the test point to ground IE a screw hole/a screw. If it powers on then you know it's a keyboard problem

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Yolorepair ca, that worked! It booted up right away when I touched pin 5 to ground. It appears that the keyboard is not working when it's on. I've opened it up again, and the keyboard ribbon won't stay locked in, but there appears to be no damage to the ribbon or the connector on the logic board. Also, when the computer is on, the airport and Bluetooth are "not installed". Assuming they are part of the keyboard ribbon? What would you recommend? Thank you so much!

by Matt P

Turns out I was being too delicate with the keyboard ribbon and didn't push it in all the way. Starts up and runs fine now (HUGE thanks yolorepair ca!), but it still says that the airport and Bluetooth aren't connected. Any thoughts on this issue?

by Matt P

Very likely that the airport cable is not connected properly as we'll. it's the cable on the left side that runs by the cd drive to the hinge of the screen. Make sure it's properly connected.

by YoloRepair ca

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More than likely you did not plug in your keyboard properly/all the way or it was damaged in the process. I would recommend jumping the power button through the logic board so that you can rule it out.

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If another adapter doesn't work, yes, the logic board is probably dead.

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