The HTC One (codenamed M7) is HTC's 2013 flagship smartphone. It features a seamlessly designed unibody aluminum frame, large dual front-facing speakers, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display.

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How difficult is it to replace the battery in the HTC One?

I read an article in which you gave the HTC One a 1 out of 10 for repairability. How hard is it to remove and replace the battery ?


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don't buy HTCs. At first I loved it. One day, without any signs of malfunctioning, after 11 months of careful use, my phone One M7 died. I wish I could simply remove the battery so I could restart it. Also, the fact that it doens't have a SD card really sucks. Whatever is in my phone died with my phone.

Don't buy HTC. Buy a samsung. Do your research and see for yourself how many people have the M7's purple camera issue and how many have bricked phones... with samsung, you can always remove the battery and the SD card...

by digitalstuff

Yes my HTC ONE last me seven months before it kicked the bucket where it wouldn't charge at all not even the clerk at Verizon could get it too charge plus she had it on charger for one hour. My old iPhone 4 32 GB battery has lasted longer than both Androids I bought and it is three and one half years old plus it just iPod now for one year seven months also when your Android phone is iPod you can not upgrade the OS on them I found that out on my Samsung three they are not like Apple products so I went back to Apple iPhone 5S after two Androids phones. My S3 is going on it third battery after one year seven months plus it is just iPod now. I notice Android phones batteries not as good as Apples iPhone. Yes Android phones do have problems charging my S3 takes 5 to 6 hours to charge battery plus you got turn the phone completely off so did my HTC ONE it did the same thing after three months. My old iPhone only takes two hours now for complete charge for three years and six month old phone that is not bad.


I had HTC One V. After 2 years 2 months, suddenly I cannot charge it. The micro USB port got very hot and the phone died an agonizing slow death. Good thing my google account backup all the contacts.

by Mohammed

Thanks everyone. I was just about to purchase a HTC ONE (M7,8 or 9 I didn't mind) even though I knew about the commonly reported purple camera results) I was in love with the look of the phone and especially the speakers BUT once the battery is done it's finished? I am not forking out $500+ every year on a new phone. Why oh why can't one manufacturer just make a decent phone without issues? I thought the Sony Xperia had it all even waterproof and then I found out about the common problem of overheating and the glass cracking for 'no reason'.

by Vic Murphy

htc mobiles are more complicated and not user friendly. Samsung is better than htc in my experience.

luis thomas

by Luis Thomas

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Rodney, looks like a big PITA to change it. Check this teardown right up to step 11 where you can see how it is removed. Hope this helps, good luck.

HTC One Image


HTC One Teardown

Difficulty: Moderate

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It is nearly impossible to change the battery however you can buy a portable battery from the htc online shop

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I've had my HTC one for two years and of that two years I've had the purple camera issue almost all of that, and just recently it won't charge I put it on charger all day and get about 20% sucks!!!

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I've kept using my One M7 for almost two years, the battery went insane occasionally, it's back to normal every time after a battery calibration. Now it still works fine, but I would never buy a HTC phone again though.

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I've had my HTC One m8 for nearly two years now and haven't had any problem with it at all. I even dropped it more then 12 feet down on to concrete and the screen didn't even have a scratch. However the down volume button was smashed in (still working, requires more pressure then normal) and there are a few scratches on the back. Other than that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the phone. It still charges, the cameras work, apps still run right, and the phone holds charge like it was brand new.

by Johnathon Schenk

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