Random Crashes. Can't Pin Point the Problem. Please Help.

Hi guys,

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 that doesn't have Apple warranty anymore and my problem is that my computer will randomly display artifacts when I turn it on. At random, it will also freeze and the only way to reboot it is a hard reboot. I have to admit I've been playing World of Warcraft a bit much on this laptop. The steps I have taken to troubleshoot is as followed:

-took it to a genius bar and they ran system test and said it was the RAM I am using is bad. Later it was replaced with a Apple Certified RAM and it was still doing the same thing. Apple genius don't have a definite answer besides sending it back ($450 a pop).

-When the laptop is elevated, battery off and with good air flow it tends to crash less. I've since opened it up and cleaned the machine from inside out and problem still occurs.

-I've reinstalled 4-5 times since this problem hoping it would be a software issue but even with fresh install without any 3rd party apps installed it still crash.

-The crash can happen at anytime. The computer can be completely idle and it'll crash or when I'm killing big, bad monster in World of Warcraft or even just viewing photos.

I know some might say that is the infamous BSoD but I still can't find a credible source or tech to pin point the problem on this issue.

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Tell me about your RAM configuration, what was it before and what did you change?


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How old is the HD?

When's the last time you ran DU=>DFA=> Permissions Repair? How much free space is on the HD? You need ~20% so an 80GB HD should have 1.75-2GB free.

If all that's good then it's likely overheating you could remove and replace the thermal paste on the CPU.

Good Luck,


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Are you going to tell him how to run DU=>DFA=> Permissions Repair? It might help.


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I agree with machead3 for the most part. it sounds like a heating/cooling issue. The HDD could be an issue but it doesnt sound like a Data Access issue, or even a Paging issue. it sounds like a CPU temp issue. keep in mind, Intel CPUs tend to be more fragile when it comes to overheating. if it is a problem with the CPU burning up be careful, because once an Intel CPU overheats once it is more vulnerable to it again.

kinda like hemrrhoids...

I have no opinion on Intel Vs. AMD though.

Im still up in the air about permissions repair actually doing anything...but its worth a shot.

I would also recommend buying a chill pad from tigerdirect.com or newegg.com. the added cooling has worked wonders for my 17" MBP unibody and my wifes 13" MB unibody and i reccommend a chill pad for anyone with a laptop(Win or Mac) just on general principles.

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