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Is there anything special about Santa Rosa /Penryn MacBooks?

My spare MacBook 2.2 GHz is, as I found out while exchanging its display, a Santa Rosa /Penryn model (10_2007).

When I replaced its harddrive with the one from my "normal" device (11_2006, 1.83 GHz), Santa Rosa/Penryn refused to recognize it. Although the display flashed up, the apple icon as the little wheel failed to appear.

As this procedure was repeated over and over again, I suspect that Santa Rosa/Penryn MacBooks reject harddrives from other Apple devices, even if they have equal passwords and admin rights.

Is that really so and why is it so?

Thank you

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A HD is an HD is an HD

That's not the problem. You have a cable/connection issue that is causing your firmware/POST to fail.

Your machine sounds like it is failing POST (can't find a designated boot device OR OTHER HARDWARE PROBLEM-possibly related to the replaced display) so the boot loader does not run, neither does the kernel.'''

If a HD is the correct type (connector, and format) it satisfies the requirements of the POST (Power On Self Test) once the hardware is recognized and started correctly, the BIOS loads and executes the partition boot code from that designated boot device.

Check your connections to the display, and HD data cable' any other small connectors that MAY LOOK connected but are not,'' run DFA=>Repair Disk on the HD.

Good Luck,


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Good answer + Ralph


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too bad that i didn't try that the last time when i had those 2 platforms here

but i've cloned a complete hdd from a napa chipset MacBook (1,83ghz) and used it on a santa rosa aopen mini itx board (ok that one should not count ;-) )

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Santa Rosa's HD is the 100% copy of the HD in my 1.83 Ghz MacBook, password, admin rights and all. Both HDs are, so to speak, identical twins. I also checked all the connections, unplugged and pushed them into their sockets again, just to make sure, they fit in tightly. You must hear them snap.

I found no difference between the 2.5" SATA Seagate HD in Santa Rosa and the 2.5" SATA Toshiba HD in the other device. The plugs - I am not so familiar with technical terms in English - look all the same to me.

What puzzles me that my 1.83 GHz MacBook recognized with zero problems the HD from Santa Rosa, but not the other way around.

May it be as it is. the 2.2 GHz computer works fine. And the other MacBook will serve as substitute in case Santa Rosa crashes - or gets drowned in German beer... Thank you.

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"-or gets drowned in german beer..." - great idea

the put it on ebay and it will find it's way to me the beerbooks are better then the coffeebooks (not joking, the ones with beer damage where in better contitions as the coffee damaged)


The absolute killer liquid is Coke. But... do you fancy a b/w MacBook - that is one with a black keyboard and black rear bezel or black front display bezel? The Zebra MacBook.

Maybe I'll put it on eBay (US). But shipping costs a lot from Germany to your country. And US customs are especially wary of anything that comes from the East including ol' Europe :-(( You can't blame them.

At the moment I'm bidding for a device with an English keyboard (QWERTY), knocked out by red whine.


zebra MacBook sounds funny

from your country (germany) to mine would it cost 5,90€ with dhl - also ganz simpel - selbe ecke ;-)

meld dich mal bei mir

mailadresse ist: markus(punkt)weiher(ät)gmail(punkt)com


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