Kindle Fire Reassembly After Digitizer Replacement

The "Ifixit: Installing Kindle Fire Front Glass Panel" guide specifies assembly as being disassembly in reverse order. This make sense, but there are a few steps regarding tape and adhesive that are removed/disturbed during the disassembly process that I'm wondering how to reinstate upon assembly.

Please reference the guide when answering the following questions:

Step 3

It looks like I disturb the glue holding the battery cells in place. What am I supposed to use when I reassemble to hold the batteries in place?

Step 6

There is tape that I must peel back to access and remove the speaker connector to the motherboard. Upon reassembly, should I reuse this tape or should I replace it with something comparable? If the latter, where do I purchase this?

Step 12

There is adhesive below the motherboard, (perhaps for heat dissipation?). What do I use to reinstate upon reassembly?

Step 14 and 15

There are two pieces of tape retaining the ambient light sensor cable. Again, should I reuse or replace the tape (and with what)?

Step 17

There is adhesive below the mid-frame. What do I use to reinstate upon reassembly?

Please help!!

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