MacBook Pro has always run burning hot and won't charge.

I have 2006 MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150. A few months after buying it new, it failed to charge the battery. Replaced the battery twice, no luck.

I've lived with this issue since then, always using the power cable, but would like to repair it.

Also, it has always become burning hot to the point that I can't sit it on my lap. I wonder if the heat issue has somehow affected it's charging ability?

In any case, what should I be replacing to fix these issues?

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Hot machines (especially older ones) often need thermal paste replaced (this is an advanced DIY). If you elect to do this you'll have to almost completely disassemble the unit. While your doing that you can examine the board closely with a magnifier to look for corrosion/dust which might also cause overheating/charging issues.

BEFORE starting down the above project path I would run AHT 2 or 3X to see if it tosses out any hardware/sensor errors which might point to needing a new logic board... or maybe a fan module replacement. Running a fan app might also point out a non operating sensor or fan.

Also have a look at some of the Answers from the tags on the right... they might provide information/inspiration.

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Also check for dust build up on the fans and the heat sink fins. Often cleaning them will also improve things and is less work (risk). Don't forget to check what you have running in background thats chewing up lots of CPU cycles. That could also explain why you're running hot.


Hi machead3, thanks for your response. Pardon my ignorance, but what is an AHT 2 or 3X?


Clean your OS first (looking for running processes that shouldn't be running - Virus, Malware, etc...), then your system of dust and junk internally (canned air and a soft brush) before doing the thermal paste route. 8 out of 10 times I fix the problem this way.


The A1150 is a 2006 machine. Time to replace the thermal paste.


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