Coffee on keyboard, now: keep on booting in safe mode.

Hi! As my topic says I've spilled coffee on my MBP 13 early 2011 i7. I know that there's a lot of threads about this and as I have followed the most of them I've come pretty long.

For starters, I shut my computer down, just after the accident, released the battery and laid the computer (with taped inputs) in a bag of rice.

2 days later:

I re-install the battery, put in the power-cable and the computer starts. The keyboard works a little funny for starters, but after a while, it stops working fully.

So I bought an external keyboard, which works perfectly, but there's still some problems.

It seams like the computer only boots in safe-mood, and somehow, the mouse (external) also tricks out in a way that it starts to mark text sometimes. It also seams like "the cmd-button is held in", which means that I sometimes multimark objects when just clicking different objects.

The second problem is that it seams like the computer always boots in safemode, as if the Shift-button is held down.

I have tried to clean both shift-buttons and also went to system preferences where you can see which buttons is held down. Since I'm on an external keyboard, I'm not sure which keyboard this function works for, but it shows that I'm not holding down any buttons.

I hope you understand my problem and I would be so happy if someone could help me with this problem.

Take care!

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9 out of 10 times this requires an uppercase replacement. Sounds like the logic board is OK. Here's how it's done: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011 Upper Case Replacement

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You could at least need a keyboard replacement but I would first try to remove the keyboard keys and clean the coffee residue under the keys. If there was sugar in the coffee you surely get sticking keys so it needs a good cleaning. After cleaning if all keys work then you're ok otherwise you'll need another keyboard. You should also consider to check if there's coffee on the logic board. Leaving any coffee residue on the main board will lead to corrosion and board components degradation after a while.

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Yes, I've heard that part with corrosion before. But I spoke to my insurance company and they will pay for the damages. The problem is that I'm from Sweden and I have a Swedish insurance company, but currently I live in Berlin so I will have to deal with the repair when I get back home.

But for some reason, the computer doesn't boot in safe mode no more, although none of the buttons on the keyboard works or the start-up button. So I have to shut down my computer manually and start it up by unplug the power-cable and then plug it in again. But as I'm using an external keyboard I have no longer any emergency by repairing it.

I don't get why the keyboard or the start up button doesn't work though, since the mousepad is fully working.

And I don't get why it wont work with the battery either.

Thank you for the replies!


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your problem because keyboard circuit was shortway, you have to replace keyboard ,your all problem will be end ,have luky to you


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Okay, but why doesn't the start-up-button work? Is it connected to the keyboard? The backlit still works though, and if the keyboard is dead, how could it work then?

And also, will the computer be working with battery if I buy a knew one or is the connection probably *&%**$?


the power button and the keyboard are connected via the same ribbon cable on the top case socket to the logic board. Trackpad has its own socket. Sometimes only the power button is shorted by liquid and sometimes it works but the keyboard keys are affected depending where the liquid went on the MB top case. Replacing the keyboard would solve the problem. The battery charging issue is another problem. Most of the times it means that the liquid reached the logic board (or the battery) and temporarily (or permanently) shorted the charging circuit. Cleaning the board could restore the charging function or not but cleaning the board is the first move to do.


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