My iPhone won't charge and iTunes doesn't recognize it.

Since this night, my iPhone won't charge anymore and iTunes doesn't recognize it. It's possible it got damaged when I fell this night but it has no other visable damage. I noticed my connecter had a few green marks and on google, they say it might have burned/fried or something.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?

I'm thinking I would try to change the dock connector but I wanted to ask here first.

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the green is probably corrosion. you could try and clean it with a vinegar/sterile water solution followed by a isopropyl alcohol 90%+ rinse. A new dock connector"could" be a solution, depends what else you find when you open it up.


I opend it and everything else looked normal (I have opened it a few times before).

I'll try that vinegar/sterile water solution and alcohol.

This may be a dumb question but is it vinegar OR sterile water or do I mix the two together? And if so, how much vinegar per amount of water?


I use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and sterile water :-)


Okay, i will try that.

Thank you very much.


This fixed my problem, it was just dust.


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