Click of death, crunching, Not Recognised in disc utility.

Hello again, After fixing the power supply on this machine it seems like the HDD has gone down, after 2 weeks, GRRR. It kept hanging/bombing. But was OK after restart. Kept hearing clicking on booting, straight after chimes and before the screen came on.

Today there was some scratching to go with the initial clicking. No HDD boots. Goes to flashing folder with ?, then boots from the OSX disc in the drive. In disc utility can't see any disc other than the DVD/Superdrive.

If it is the HHD. What manufacturer replacement is best/quickest/eco/cheapest for this machine. Too big a HDD will just cause over heating/cooling issues. Any SATA 7200 3.5" 250GB all the way to 3TB is right, no?

Mayer help me, any suggestions would be good :)

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You want a SATA I drive or a vendor that guarantees/warranties backward compatibility. . . some people who have put SATA III drives in older machines have experienced stalling, freezing & hanging (backward compatibility problems).

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As far as I remember it has a Western Digital 250GB original in it the machine had not been opened since manufacture. So what you are saying is stick to a SATA I or II. But not a SATA III HDD?

Been looking into Western Digital 500GB/750GB/1TB Green Power (SATA II)

I take it this would work fine? Has anyone put one of these in?


Yes - or be certain the vendor will accept a return/replace a SATA III drive that freezes or hangs... since this has been a "known issue" with some drives. Fast and cheap are not the best nor most effective parameters by which to choose a replacement/upgrade drive.


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First can you give us the name and model number of the drive? Try booting from your system installation DVD, "C" key till Apple icon appears. Go to the second screen pull down menu and run repair with Disk Utilities and let us know your results.

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Mayer, Thanks for you further assistance. It is appreciated :) As I stated in previous posts. It does boot from the original system disc using "C" no drive is found. Just the DVD drive shows up. I have done the target disc using another computer. no joy. but I can boot the other computer through it using target. I left it on for about 15 min then fans go up. Shut it down to prevent damage.

I can't give you the name and number of the drive other than to say it was a WD 250GB. When I have to take the front off again. I will assist with the specifics. Click of death everytime I boot it so it is just hard drive?

Unless I open it and find capacitor jam everywhere no?


This model did not have a lot of capacitor issues. The new drive may need to be jumppered down to 1.5 Gb/s for Disk Utilities to see it, so don't panic if it doesn't show up right away.


I finally got a replacement drive. Western Digital. WD5000AVDS. Partitioned it fine in three equal sections. Trying to install new system with original grey system discs 10.4.2 (not retail) very slow. Does not seem to finish. time till installed just seems to increase to like stupid amount of time like 26 hours ! is this the jumpering? Help please. Passes hardware tests. Something is not right. Help me mayer again.


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