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MacBook Dropped with HD in Optical Bay



I had successfully installed a HDD in my optical bay, and everything was working until it accidentally got dropped. After that, I could no longer get either the Optical Drive or the Hard Drive to work.

I've read that there is a sensor that senses drops and that may have something to do with it- is there a way to "reset" it? is it possibly the optical drive cable connector?

I apologize if the answer to this question is somewhere else.

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First try unplugging the optical bay drive and starting. Do you get any tones or lights when trying to start up?

I will try that. I did try another hard drive and a new optical bay "converter" thing, and it didn't spin up. I'll see what happens when I try with nothing.

Jonathan Cain,

I tried unplugging the optical bay, and the computer booted right up with nearly nothing different- it did boot to a "white screen" with just my mouse cursor for about 20 seconds before it went into OSX. Do I need to do it with the ribbon connector attached or unattached? This was with the connector unattached.

Jonathan Cain,

Ok, so I tried it the other way, and in doing so, I noticed that there is a small tear in my superdrive ribbon where it connects to the drive on the hdd side. I'm guessing that this is probably my problem, and if it isn't, it probably isn't helping.

Jonathan Cain,

Let us know your results after you change the cable, here's how: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing+M...


Thank you for your help. Turns out that the ribbon cable was causing the issue. Macbook is up and functional again.

Jonathan Cain,

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