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accepts disc but stays on load will not play

Samsung p231 dvd player accepts the disc and the door closes but the indicator window shows loading and will not start playing

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same problem with my dvd player.

by zeezookap

cannot remove DVD

by tobyshettleroe

Dvd won't play DVDs after using it for my cds(did in the past)'

by John Docherty

Hi John Docherty,

Try cleaning the DVD drive lens with a lens cleaning disc. If this doesn't work you may have to open the player (with the power removed) to gain access to the DVD drive so that you can open it and clean the lens more thoroughly with a Qtip (cotton bud) moistened with isopropyl alcohol. There are videos on You Tube showing you how.

by jayeff

Same problem as Ernest. I think my VHS/DVD player is just dusty but I can't get the cover off!!!!

by Lin

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I am afraid I am not familiar with the Samsung model in particular so I will give you a few general tips that may get you going.

1- Make sure you hear the spindle motor spinning the disk to an even speed.

If it seems to be speeding up and slowing down you could have a dirty/bad optical pick up assembly.

2-Try with different DVD/ CD to isolate.

Many times it is just the disk is dirty scratched and the player cannot reliably read information from disk.

3-Look for signs of lubricant/dirt on/under the player tray or on disk.

I have had optical drive mechanisms spit lubricant and have left an oily film on the pick up unit causing this.

4-Clean the pick up unit.

Be very careful with this one as some units are mounted on very flimsy suspension/positioning mechanisms that will break if you look at them cross-eyed.

5-Re-seat all the connections inside.

A loose SATA or Data cable may be all that is stopping the information from the disk from getting to the circuit board.

6-Swap the drive with a known good one.

Many set-top DVD players use Laptop or PC sized drives with the same connections. I have fixed a couple of Sony set-top players with drives from broken Sony laptops.

Hope this at least guides you to a possible solution.

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I need to remove DVD but can't

by tobyshettleroe

No DVD or music CD wont play

by allseasonlabor2011

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I put my DVDs in and it won't play it keep saying it loading but it won't play .some time it will play then it won't .what could that be.

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When I put my diso in my dvd play it showing loading always but will not play this started happening after I brought a dvd from library and put in my dvd player I have other dvd they working fine they dont seem to work now none of them I cleaned the inside out with soft tissue removed all virus dirt still no use same problems all disco just seem to loading but never play again all dvd working including blue ray dvd from abroad all country work fine until since I put that bad disco on experiencing this issue please help

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My problem is loading then reading stop. Earlier when it read stop i could. Press play and it would play perfectly. Now if you press stop it just keeps going.

by Delorse Briggs

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I have a DVDs disc that plays on p.c but not on my daewoo player to the tv

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