iMac G5 A1145 Display into an iMac EMC2118?

Hi, I had a not working iMac G5 (A1145), which was supposed to have a dead PSU. Got a new one, but didn´t work.

Then I found an intel model (EMC2118) without a display (previous owner told me that psu, inverter and display had died). So I put my PSU, a new inverter board and the G5 display.

When I turned it on, I got the scheme but black screen. Diagnostic LEDS 1&2 are ON, but No.3 keeps OFF.

Is there a problem with the videocard? Is the display compatible or not?

It is an LG/Philips display with the following numbers:

6091L-0364A 050929 DSL WCC59V21WSLDLA1A0364A0

Thank you beforehand!!!

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Does this look right for the EMC 2118:"

Intro Date: September 6, 2006 Disc Date: August 7, 2007

Order No: MA589LL Model No: A1207 (EMC 2118)

Subfamily: Late 2006 Model ID: iMac5,1

Std RAM: 1 GB Std VRAM: 128 MB*

Std Storage: 250 GB (7200 RPM) Std Optical: 8X DL "SuperDrive" and this for the A1145:"

Intro Date: October 12, 2005 Disc Date: January 10, 2006

Order No: MA064LL/A Model No: A1145 (EMC 2082)

Subfamily: iSight Model ID: PowerMac12,1

Std RAM: 512 MB Std VRAM: 128 MB

Std Storage: 250 GB (7200 RPM) Std Optical: 8X DL "SuperDrive" This might help to determine the panel for the EMC2118


iMac G5 (A1145)


Panel, LCD, w/Brackets


LG Philips LM201W01 (A6) (K1)

EMC 2118 2006 Disc Date: August 7, 2007 A1207 (EMC 2118)

Display Panel, LCD,

661-3895 (Samsung)

661-3881 (LG)

LM201W01 (SL) (A3)

from all I can find right now, the panels are not compatible. Still trying to get the datasheet to determine the differences.


Thank you oldturkey03, hope you can find those datasheets so we can figure out what are the differences


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