Wifi only works in Apple Store!?

After a replaced display in the Apple Store the wifi has been crippled on every network except - of course - Apple's.

The networks include 3 different homes, an iCafe and a University network.

Apple ruled out a software problem because they performed a full system Erase and reinstall of Mountain Lion. And they ruled out a hardware problem simply because the wifi flies in their Store!

I have a 100mbps router so my wifi and the others are not just slow. Something is up!

I want to just replace the wifi card! Is it possible it could fix it!?


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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we know which machine you have. Thanks


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So the wifi actually works , according to your description, it's just slow.

There are many variables other than "Apple's wifi in their store" that can explain speed differences there and at other locations. For example: the number of users on the router, (two of your stated networks could be slow due to overuse) the distance to the router, the type of materials between you and the router, other wireless "leaky" electric motors, microwaves and other electronic devices nearby all can affect your wireless speed and reliability (any/all of those could slow your home network), in addition the radio band on which you choose to broadcast/receive and router manufacturer can affect speed, as can the type of security authentication .''

BTW that your router is 100mbps doesn't mean it actually delivers that, unless you've measured it. the WAN/LAN to which it is connected could choke that.

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It's the 2011 Macbook Air, purchased about Decemeber 2011.

Fortunately I have a new Mac, iPad and iPhone to test along side the faulty Mac. And I have tested the wifi. Always delivers around 100mbps.

I have an update. Another forum suggested switching to 5Ghz on the wifi because that is what the Apple Store use. And amazingly it worked. But! It has severe range problems. Beside the router it is lightning fast. But literally a few steps away and it is crippled again. Meanwhile my new Mac is lightning all over the flat. So it's been suggested it is an ANTENNA problem?

Apparently the Apple Store have their wifi coming from the ceiling so that is very close to the Genius Bar so the performance wouldn't have been affected.

Mysteriously when I switched back to 2.4Ghz though it was still working, and with slightly better range! But still terrible compared to my new Mac.

The the problem is range! And switching frequency partially fixed it!?

Any help is appreciated.


Yes the band can/will make a difference (some advise to use lower, others higher band), also there's discussion about this being a Mountain Lion issue, and an update may correct it. Try making a new user account. Often strange software issues can be cured in that way (a corrupt file/preference would be the source of trouble). Some claim that renewing the DHCP lease, removing all "remembered" networks and making a new connection, turning off Bluetooth, using Apple routers are solutions. Check for firmware updates to your router... AS FOR ANTENNA ISSUE you could look for and connect an external antenna to your MBA or to the router (not ideal but as a work around a potential solution).


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They could of damaged the antenna or the lead in the process of changing out the display.

Each band uses a different antenna so it's possible they only damaged the 2.4Ghz antenna or the connection to the WiFi card is damaged. Yes, you still might get a signal on the 2.4Ghz bands when your close to the AP.

As to the choice of bands the 2.4Ghz does better over distance where 5Ghz does not pass thought walls well (a good reason for Apple Stores to use it).

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