Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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Horn only honks with car alarm?

The horn in my 2004 Dodge Caravan only sounds when locking the car doors with the remote key and not when the horn is depressed on the steering wheel. Because it works with the alarm does that mean its getting power and must be a problem with a relay? I don't know where to start looking!

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2011 f 150 steering wheel won't sound horn if I press alarm on key it sounds and pressing on steering wheel will sound horn for two or three times and then quits working


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Amy,as per service manual you want to check this:" HORNS WILL NOT SOUND

Check horn fuse # 8 in the IPM. If fuse is blown, check for a shorted switch in the airbag module. and refer to FUSE BLOWN section. If fuse is OK, refer to FUSE OK section.


(1) Verify condition of battery terminals and voltage, (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/BATTERY SYSTEM RS HORN 8H - 3 HORN SYSTEM (Continued)

- DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING). If battery connections and battery charge is OK proceed to Step 2.

(2) Using a voltmeter, test for battery voltage at both sides of horn fuse 7. If voltage is OK, on both sides of fuse, proceed to Fuse OK. If voltage is OK, on one side of fuse, the fuse is blown, proceed to Step 3.

(3) Using a suitable ammeter in place of the fuse, test amperage draw of the horn circuit. If amperage draw is greater than 20 amps without the horn switch depressed, a grounded circuit exists between the fuse and the horn relay. Proceed to Step 4. If amperage draw is greater than 20 amps with the horn switch depressed, a grounded circuit exists between the horn relay and the horn. Proceed to step

Step 5.

(4) Remove the horn relay from the IPM. If the amperage draw drops to 0 amps, the horn switch or circuit is shorted. If the amperage draw does not drop to 0 amps, repair short at the IPM.

(5) Disengage a wire connector from one of the horns. If amperage drops and the connected horn sounds, replace the faulty horn. If amperage does not drop with both horns disconnected and the horn switch depressed, proceed to Step 6.

(6) Using a continuity tester, with the horns disconnected test continuity of the X2 cavity of the horn relay to ground. If continuity is detected, the circuit is grounded between the Junction Block and the horns. Locate and repair pinched harness.


(1) Remove the horn relay from the intelligent power module.

(2) Using a continuity tester, Depress horn switch and test continuity from the X3 cavity of the horn relay to ground.

(a) If continuity is detected, proceed to Step 3.

(b) If NO continuity, proceed to Step 4.

(3) Using a suitable jumper wire, jump across the fuse F62 cavity and the X2 cavity of the horn relay in the Junction Block.

(a) If the horn sounds, replace the horn relay.

(b) If the horn does not sound, proceed to Step 4.

(4) Remove airbag trim cover from steering wheel. Refer to ELECTRICAL, RESTRAINTS.

(5) Test continuity across horn switch connectors with horn switch depressed.

(a) If continuity is detected, repair open circuit between the relay and the horn switch.

(b) If NO continuity, replace airbag trim cover.

(6) Install horn relay into intelligent power module.

(7) Disengage wire connectors from horns.

(8) Using a voltmeter, with the horn switch depressed test voltage across horn connector terminals of the wire harness (Fig. 1).

(a) If voltage is detected, replace horns.

(b) If NO voltage, proceed to step Step 9.

(9) With the horn switch depressed, test for voltage between the X2 circuit and ground.

(a) If voltage OK, repair system ground at right cowl area.

(b) If NO voltage, repair open X2 circuit between the relay and the horns.


(1) Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.

(2) Hoist and support the front of the vehicle on safety stands.

(3) From behind the front fascia and forward of the left front wheel, disconnect the wire connectors from horn.

(4) Remove the mounting bracket attaching nut from the bottom of radiator closure panel. Do not remove the horn from mounting bracket.

(5) Separate the horn(s) from vehicle.


(1) Install the horns to the vehicle.

(2) Install the mounting bracket fastener.

(3) Reconnect the wire connectors to the horns.

(4) Lower the vehicle.

(5) Reconnect the battery negative cable.



The horn switch is molded into the airbag trim cover. The horn switch can not be serviced separately. For service procedures (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/


Since your Horn works, you can most certainly skip those steps. I would leave the replacement of the airbag trim cover to the pro's with the tools. I would hate for your airbag to get deployed. there is also an issue with the clockspring. The clockspring provides the electrical connection to the airbag. The clockspring may require replacement when the airbag light stays on or the horn or speed controls on the steering wheel stop working properly. But since it is only your horn, this may not be the case. My money is on the relay first....:-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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It sounds to me like you have one of two problems:

The steering wheel "button" for using the horn has died


The fuse carrying the signal from the steering wheel to the horn is dead, and since the alarm is routed to the horn differently it still works.


Before ever tinkering with a steering wheel, ensure 100% that there is NO DEPLOYABLE AIRBAG. If you start to remove the steering wheel plate without deactivating this feature will return some explosive results.

I would first check the fuse for the horn, which would most likely be accessed somewhere near the dashboard, probably near the steering wheel or somewhere under the driver side dashboard.

Good luck =)

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