Both cameras are no longer working after replacing digitizer

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I was replacing a digitizer and LCD for a friend, broke the wifi connector ribbon and now the Camera app doesn't show an image preview. Oddly, wifi still works. I've checked the camera connector a couple times and I checked the gold grounding tab as suggested in other threads. Even trying to switch to the front camera does nothing. I did notice during disassembly, with the battery disconnected, a small spark while taking out a screw towards the mid-bottom of the mother board.

It's been a couple weeks now and I have yet to arrange time with my friend to replace the wifi ribbon. She also informed me that the LED no longer works with the flashlight app. So, what's the likelihood that this wifi ribbon cable is the cause of the problem? What else do I need to look in to replacing? The camera? The logic board? Should I just buy her a whole new phone? They're leaving the country in a few weeks so I need to figure this out. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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