Defective power button (not working)

I have a MacBook Pro 13" Early 2011 2.3 GHz intel Core i5.

To start the mbp I have to take back cover off and remove battery connector for a couple of seconds.

After reconnecting battery and case back on, will not start with power switch. As soon as I plug mag safe in computer boots up normally (no switch or keys are pressed).

Computer operates normally in this mode, battery charges and the power can be disconnected and battery will run computer. Power can be reconnected any time to charge battery.

Problem occurs when mac is shut down, it will not restart unless I go through process described above.

i believe it is the power button/switch, I am not sure if it is shorted or open.

I have removed the button and cant see anything obvious.

The biggest issue with this is not being able to start with the battery alone, so as a portable it is not usable.

If I keep it plugged in it will go to sleep and wake up when a key is pressed, so makes a good desktop

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Sounds like a liquid damaged machine... check over (look for burn marks/cooked components) and clean the logic board... If there''s burn marks and corrosion you'll probably have to replace the logic board.

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Thanks for you reply

The original problem was the machine was clogged with dust, and some of the keys weren't registering. After cleaning everything, all looked fined, except on assembly the power button didn't appear to work.

I have scheduled the machine to turn on daily and that works fine (as long as machine is plugged in).

I guess I don't want to spend on a new top case if it is a logic board.


That's a work around I've used/suggested myself. =8^)


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I have the same problem as you. When the macbook work if I press the power button one, the sound drops each time.

Do you have the same thing?


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I'm experiencing the exact same problem too. I've permanently removed the battery and MBP works well as a desktop unit with AC plugged in. Guessing it's not worth replacing logic board because age of unit and boards are expensive. Since the unit powers on with AC 100% of time and power button doesn't work while plugged in, I thought maybe power button is permanently open. I dismiss the water damage, because it's never had a spill on keyboard.

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Apple Genius desk removed the battery and also I disconnected the battery (over night) and both times my Mac Book Pro started, but just once. When I took the back off I did find considerable fine dust. I am wondering whether those air jet things designed for cleaning computers, etc. would clean the power button. I also had no water damage although my cat likes to cozy up to the keyboard occasionally. I also don't turn mine off anymore. Keyboard component was replace a year or so ago under warranty after apparent water damage. It is three years old and updated with the newest version of software so I would think it wouldn't be that obsolete.

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My guess is that everyone's MacBook on this post that is having the same exact problem probably have a faulty keyboard as the power button (when faulty is stuck on engaged / pressed) is part of the keyboard assembly.

If you want to confirm this, plug a magsafe charger in, press and hold control + shift + option + (alt) keys. If you see the magsafe light go green then orange then you have a faulty keyboard (from liquid damage).

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