Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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5th generation complete overhaul PLEASE HELP!

I have the first generation video ipod and have recently replaced the screen so I am moderately capable. But now need to replace the headphone jack, and figured while I'm in there might as well replace the battery, hard drive and body (I broke the clips and it is now help together with tape). I really like the 6th generation body, is it possible to attach my logic board and screen to 6th generation frame, then put that into a slim 6th generation body? After that is it possible plug in an 80 gb hard drive as long as it uses 3.3 volts and is only 5mm thick? And my final question is which is superior the conventional 80gb hhd from Toshiba or a 64 gb ssd ( assuming that 60 gb is enough storage)? I have read that only the 5.5 generation video will accept the thin 80gb hard drive, but at the same time it will work with the original 5th generation. So please only answer if you have the first hand experience.

Thank You for any help, I am in desperate need of guidence,


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Michael, the first part of your question is "no", you can not use a 6th gen case. The logicboard of the 5th gen is different on the display connector as well as the display is physical different. The iPod 6th gen "Classic" does not fit the logicboard. Yes it is possible to use a 80GB drive. As for the SSD, you could use an original MacBook Air SSD, but I have not done that due to the rices of the SSD's. I have done the CF conversion. Check here and on here as well for more information. Hope this helps, good luck.

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First of all thank you for your super fast answer! That is really good news about the hard drive. I know the LCD is different on the 6th gen that is why I am going to use the one from my 5th gen. How sure are you that the 5th gen logic board and screen will fit the 6th metal frame (so the only 6th gen parts are the metal frame, front faceplate and maybe back faceplate if I can't reuse the 5th gen one)? I do not mean to be ungrateful, I just really want a 6th gen front on my newly pimped 5th gen and would be willing to spend the $25 on parts if there is even a chance that it will work. Unless you are positive that it won't work and then I will just stick with it the way it is.

Thanks again,



The display itself will not fit. The dimensions are different. You must use the 5th gen display on your board and that display will not fit the 6th gen housing.


Ok just making sure, thanks again for your help you saved me from wasting both time and money.


Thank you for accepting my answer. Sorry I could not give you any better news:) I personally like the feel of the 6th gen as well and I tried the mod. Short of using a Dremel and still not getting it I gave up and bought a new front and back case for the 5th. Looked great with the new case...


Just curious, would you mind telling me the last three digits of thr serial number of your 5th gen?


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