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The dishes on the top rack are filthy, bottom rack cleans great.

I have cleaned the dishwasher, checked for food pieces, but the top rack stays very dirty, even if the bottom rack is close to empty. How do I get the water up there again? The dishes on the bottom come out great.

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Check your upper spray arm for clogged holes and/or not raising up from the center if it does. Also, make sure you don't block it with a pot.

Try using a strong piece of wire (heavy duty paperclip or coat hanger) to make a hook to grab to post to pull it up or use it to clean out the holes. If you can take it apart you can try soaking the parts in 'Lime Away' to clean off the mineral build up if you have hard water.

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I live in Scotland where the water is very soft and my dishwasher is an all singing and dancing one. I have had issues from day one. The previous Dishwasher was a Bush Chinese make from Argos and I had it for nine years no problems at all. The only difference between the two is the old Bush was hot feed and the new one is cold feed as most are today. I have just managed to get a replacement new machine different make being delivered on Friday so I will let you know if the new one works as we have issues with the last one since day one. Four months.


Yes! The new washers have a heater so you only need to hook up to cold line.

I agree depending on the quality of the water and the water feeds temp (winter) they may not work as well!

You might want to look at getting a mixing valve to feed the washer. My friends camp had this exact problem when we went skiing the dishes just didn't get cleaned with his new washer. This spring we put in a mixing valve so now John will need to run the sink a few minutes to get the hot water flowing and then turn on the washer. Now the washer gets on the upper end of the warm side for feed water Vs icy cold.


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Assuming you are using a good quality detergent. And the upper spray arm nozzle is not clogged with mineral deposits, etc.

If you have 2 (or more) spray arms. The upper spray arms are most likely not expelling liquid.

Determine if your upper spray arms are supplied dishwater through tubing that goes up the back of the dishwasher or if the lower arm has a center output (possibly it may look like a collapsed accordion like piping is in the center.

For piping going up the back of the washer the upper basket arm should have a pipe going to the back of the washer. This must meet up properly so that when the water is expelled from the pump it is forced thru the connection and out the upper spray arm (s). If the connection is not made then the water may be partially going thru the upper spray arm or not at all. (Our current washer the connection got moved out of place. But it was easy to move back into place. (Also as prior by Dan check for debris such as cellophane wrapping that loves to get under the lower strainer but not get cut by the grinder resulting in blockage.

Finally if you don't have piping going up the back of your dishwasher you most likely have a series of partial tubes in the center of the lower washer arm (there may be an extending portion up thru the lower dish-rack. It's important that nothing obstructs the flow of water at this point and that the partial tubes aren't stuck together or otherwise obstructed (when water is forced thru them they push upwards and each subsequent cone tube is slightly narrow at the top than the bottom which forces the next smaller tube further upward until it meets with the upper washer arm inlet. here make sure that there is no debris in the inlet which should be right on the bottom of the arm. also the one we had most recently had a rubber gasket that was needed to complete the seal.

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I have had this problem several times. The most common problem is that not enough water pressure is getting to the upper arm. The upper arm is designed to spin and spray based on water pressure starting at the bottom. In several scenarios I found that debris was clogging the flow of water into the pump. Little water in means little water out. In another scenario I found that my food grinder broke and thus the screen became clogged. My most recent problem was a harder one to find. My upper plastic arm became unnoticeably unsealed at one of the ends thus causing water to gush out instead of building pressure to spin the arm. In all cases it's an easy fix once you find the problem.

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Part of my answer to this question, unfortunately, is "next time you buy a dishwasher, don't buy this one!" I have now repaired mine about 4 times -- cleaned out everything, including the grinder, the filter, the spray arm, etc. I even bought & installed a replacement grinder (for $11.... not bad; you can buy them at places like Home Depot, Amazon, etc.). To unclog any obstructions I couldn't see, I poured in boiling water, vinegar and baking soda, as well as dishwasher cleaner from the local hardware store before running the cleaned machine.

Everything worked - temporarily. The fact is that this machine is not very well made. The plastic parts are light (in part, I assume, because it takes less energy to move them), but they are not durable. Also, newer dishwashers that are 'eco-friendly' save on energy by using less-hot water. Unfortunately, most powder dish detergents do not dissolve as well in cooler water as in hot water, so you get lots of caked-on detergent (in addition to the food and other gunk) blocking points of entry and exit.

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is a handy thing to have while repairing this machine.

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