How to test all antennas

After replacing digitizer and wifi antenna, I had to plug in 4 coax cables to the logic board (one to main board, WiFi, and 3 more to comm. board). They kept getting unplugged and now I have a nagging feeling that some connectors are left unplugged but don't know how to test all antennas. Could someone suggest how to test that all is working? So far I know that:

(1) WiFi works great - that antenna is ok

(2) I get some 3G (CDMA) and it's usable but the signal seems weaker than normal. Would I get any signal at all if the 3G antenna(s) is unplugged?

(3) Bluetooth is OK, at least to the very close keyboard.

(4) GPS - not sure. Looks like it uses WiFi and 3G to find location but don't know if this is normal. Does it use separate antenna?

Why are there 4 coax cables anyway?

Any hints are appreciated. WOuld like some peace of mind before gluing everything back together.


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