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Helppp! iPod touch won't do anything after screen replacement!

This is a long one

I've been working on a cracked ipod for over 6 hours now, doing everything and only making it worse. I used the guide here (4g ipod touch), and after taking it apart, i plugged in the new digitzer/lcd, and it worked! Touch worked, power worked, wifi worked, connected to itunes, etc. But then the trouble started. We assembled it back together, and before we put on the adhesive, we tried turning it on again. And this time, nothing happened.

I plugged it in to the computer, and a weird screen showed up. It was all in a shade of white, but the left side was pure white and couldnt see anything. The right side worked, and so did the touch. I replaced this screen with the original cracked screen which worked, except now I had to plug it in to the computer to turn it on, and the power button did nothing. So, I unplugged everything again, put it back in, and it once again only worked when plugged. Also ( not sure if this matters), but it kept working when i unplugged it, only going to sleep after the auto-set time.

So, I did some research to attempt to fix the power button, and I tried restoring the ipod. Aaand it got stuck into the ' connect to itunes' screen. I plugged it in, and this time my computer no longer recognized it. Theres more. Now, my ipod doesnt even turn on when plugged in, not even to the connect screen!

Thanks so much to anyone who read this! Any ideas?

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The same thing is happening to me right now. I have been looking for anwsers for forever and nothing is coming up. So far i have left it plugged in, tried resetting it, blew in all the ports, and nothing is working. Just thought you should know none of these things are effective and good luck, if something works for you...PLEASE tell me. Thank you.


are you talking about the recovery mode loop? It might have just been dumb luck, but I plugged it into another computer and it got recognized as well as restored.


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Have had trouble restarting iPod touch 4's after LCD replacement, sometimes when they've got stuck booting have used this method poster by another user to get them booted -

"If you get problems powering up after screen swap, locate the 3 battery terminal beneath the metal cover, locate the +3.7 volt terminal using a multimeter (from memory its the one on the right as you look at it ) short this terminal briefly to ground ( the metal plate sorounding the home button will do ) then plug into charger and withing seconds you should get your confirmation beep and then screen shows charging, wait a min or so and it will boot up"

don't know if it will fix it but worth a try...

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thanks! I have another question though. What is the best way to close the screen? I've tried lots of things, been all over the forums, but I can't seem to find an answer. Mainly, the home button doesn't "click" when pressed like a new ipod touch does, and only works when pressing the orange tip (on the steel plate). would this go away if the screen is flat? Thanks!


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you've torn the button cable, so you can't reset the device

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