After liquid spill screen dims on it's own. Need LCD expertise.

I had a cat/glass of water problem. It was not a lot of water but enough to get in on the left side of the keyboard around the escape key. I shut down. Dripped water out. Left propped upside down. Opened up the machine. Dabbed any remaining liquid and left open for over 24 hours in a hot room with a fan.

Everything is great with the exception of the display. It is dimming itself intermittently. Also occasionally showing the same symptoms as this link but not nearly as pronounced.

Any advice in terms of what workflow I should go through in finding the exact culprit? I'm assuming my possibilities are inverter cable, logic board, or possible lcd? I have another MBP around to troubleshoot with but I'm not sure how I would connect in order to test displays.

When I do a Shift-Control-Eject sleep and come out of it the display is generally better for a period of time. Eventually it starts dimming again, though.

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Verify your connectors/pins are all intact not corroding - given the equidistant spacing it looks like an emitter set is out, or, some liquid seeped into the bottom of the display and that's where the corrosion is, if that's case the LCD emitters may actually be dead or damaged and the only "fix" would be to replace the LCD.

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Can you be more specific regarding, " given the equidistant spacing it looks like an emitter set is out"?

I didn't take the board out of the case so maybe that should be my next step.

I don't have an external monitor to test with but I do have a mini-displayport to S-Video adaptor I can connect to my television. Might I learn anything with that?


Yes connecting to an external monitor would eliminate or verify the problem being the GPU or logic board. If the problem does not show up on the external monitor the fault lies in the connections to, or in the laptop LCD. If you have the same problem show up (doubtful) your logic board is toast.


I connected the thunderbolt to RCA adaptor to a television using mirrored display option and when the laptop display had issues the tv did not. I assume that should point in the direction of the laptop display or the cable? Unless I should be using a display option other than mirroring.

There is no guide on the site for replacing just the LVDS cable. It actually sounds like opening these displays is a pain. I ordered a cable as that is significantly cheaper than a display assembly. Any advice for replacing the cable on the unibody MBP's?

Thanks again for your superior knowledge machead. It is much appreciated.


It would make no logical difference if mirroring is used. . . with the level of difficulty for a DIY removal of the LCD it's easier to replace the display including ( without removing - while it's in a new) top/bezel.


How much higher is the difficulty level of replacing LCD in these models as opposed to the old A1181 Macbooks?


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This happened to my laptop earlier during the day. I was trying to connect it to the T.V. to make the T.V. the screen but it didn't work. Then with a flashlight shining onto the screen I put it onto projector mode. After saying it can't detect anything a warning came up and the backlight came back on. Now my screen worked fine!

Hope this helps.


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