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Can I put components from a 2012 iMac into a 2010 model?

Apologies since this covers something I asked in another question, but rather than ask separate questions about every component, I thought it would save time to simply ask: is there anything to prevent me putting the CPU and GPU from a 2012 iMac 21.5 inch into my 2010 model?

Basically, is there any fundamental difference in the logic boards that would prevent newer components from working?

I've read successful reports of people adding an i7 to an older i5 machine (as long as the power consumption is the same or lower on the new chip) so I wanted to know if the same could be done with the GPU. For example, I'd like to replace the Radeon 5670 with the newer 6770. The newer chip is GDDR5 whereas the older 5670 is GDDR3 - would this cause any incompatibility?

I would really appreciate any advice from someone who knows what they're talking about with regards to iMac logic boards - if it's just the components and not the boards themselves that are replaced in the newer models, I don't see why the newer components couldn't be swapped into older machines.

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In a word it's Backward compatibility - you're expecting components that were not on the drawing board, or perhaps even in a designers mind (two "computer years" which are like 50 human years - even worse than "dog years" ) to integrate.

GPU architecture especially have changed radically in how memory (on board, shared and virtual) are accessed/utiized recently. For example take RETINA support - a logic board/GPU even 6 months old can't be retrofitted to support a retina display.

Some componets change slowly or little (wireless cards, optical drives) but even HD or SSD architecture has/can change very rapidly. Some new HDs, even though the manufacturer says they will be backward compatible, in fact do not play well at a slower bus speed.

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Hi machead, thanks you very much for your answer - but do you have any specific knowledge about whether the logic boards have changed in the newer models?

I am aware of the problems in backwards compatibility (hence why I asked the question!) and I know that technologies change - your retina example is a good one. But since the iMac models change little from year to year (apart from the newer body shape of the 2012 models) I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that the logic boards would stay the same, at least so far as their CPU and GPU sockets go. I know, for example, that the socket model is exactly the same in the 2010 iMac as the 2012 iMac (since the Intel processor chips they use are both 1155 sockets).

I'm basically after an answer to the following - have the logic boards in the newer iMacs changed since 2010, at least as far as the CPU or GPU connections/sockets?

Any help much appreciated!


Right, I've been really dumb and misread the socket types on the newer processors - they are very slightly different so it's unlikely to work :( but thanks anyway for your answer.


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