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How do I get my headphone plug out of my audio jack?

My headphones broke inside of the jack. I'm not sure how to get it out by opening up the Mac.


I have this same problem but with my iPad help.

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I don't usually comment on these things (mainly because I don't know much about anything!) But I experienced this on my 2 months old MAcbook pro and nearly cried.

I had a mini jack plugged in, forgot it was plugged in, picked up macbook, *SNAP* - Was so annoyed.

This is what worked for me;

equipment needed;

- pop rivet

- straw

- super glue

- scissors

- about 8 hours of your time

I used a small piece of metal (the thin end of a pop rivet worked for me) and this was used to glue to the broken piece in the macbook.

I cut the straw to about 1/2 inch long and also cut down the side of the straw (so you could unravel the straw and lay it flat I guess)

I placed the straw in to the head phone socket which has a smaller diameter than the straw (hence cutting down the side to allow the straw to be made smaller) and this acted as a shield to stop glue running all in your precious mac.

Then, put a tiny amount of super glue on the thin end of the pop rivet (or whatever thin metal you have) and place this inside the straw in the headphone socket (with macbook on its side) and place this in this position (on it's side) and leave overnight to allow the glue to set between the rivet and broken headphone piece.

After this has set firmly, a careful pull should pull out the rivet, with the broken headphone piece attached. BE VERY CAREFUL as I was amazed at how easily the 'glued' headphone piece came free from the rivet.

After this comes out, breathe a huge sigh of relief, and thank me on twitter (@westleydan :P)

GOOD LUCK!!! I hope this helps as the guy who suggested this to me is a saviour!

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With the system off you can try a dental pick to snag the edge of what is left or dig into the plastic insulator parts if you can get to it. You can also try two small flat edge screw drivers on a posing sides to pry out the shaft.

Removing your main logic board might get you a little more access but not much as the entire outlet is covered with a shield which is difficult to remove.

If you have a local Apple Store near you give them a try.

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I just had this problem and i solved it:

  • turning it off
  • removing the case
  • removing all the screws and connectors on the motherboard
  • taking it out
  • drilling a little hole in the audiojack (make sure its exactly in the middle and from the rearside) with a 1mm-metal-drill
  • with a bended paperclip i pushed the earplug tip out of the audiojack.
  • Thats it!

Make sure you don't damage the keyboardconnector (its very fragile), as I partially did. :-)

After this whole procedure, I noticed that the fans became very loud. I just reseted the SystemManagementController. (there is a apple-guide for this).

Keep in mind, that internal components may get dusty much more faster, as there now is a little hole in the audiojack connector.

keep enjoying your sound and voilá


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