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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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Is it worth replacing hard drive?

My iMac is six and a half years old and it's been fantastic. After going through your Answers section I think my HD is failing. I'm hearing clicking sounds and when I put it to sleep for awhile it won't wake up I have to reboot it which usually takes about three reboots to actually reboot it. I also see the folder with the ? in it sometimes.

So, my question is, is it worth putting in a new HD on a computer this old or should I just buy a new one?



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Gentlemen, thanks for getting back to me. You've given me inspiration. I will replace the HD.

Jack, you're right, my computer is white plastic and I think it's LCD...not sure.

I looked in the Profiler and did not see 3.5 SATA I saw ATA. Is that the same?

Can you please explain further?

I see the difference between the PATA and SATA HD's. Not sure what mine is yet. You probably know.

I think once I determine what HD I have then i can order one from

I know I will have other questions once I get started so, if I can keep in touch with you I would appreciate it.




Glad I can help. I checked my old white iMac and it uses a hard drive with a SATA connection, so yours should use a SATA hard drive too


Jack I ordered the Seagate HD that you suggested. I have two other questions.

First, what instructions would I use here on iFixit to install the new HD.

Second, once I install the new HD, is it a complicated issue to load the back up files I have on my external drive with Time Machine?




Put in the new hard drive and run the Mac osx install DVD. Install osx from scratch on the new hard drive. On first bootup, the computer will ask if you want to restore from a time machine backup. Connect your external drive and let the computer do the rest. It's that simple!


Thanks Jack. With this new HD, is it possible to install the latest OS which I believe is Lion?


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I don't think a dead hard drive is a good reason to replace a computer. Since your iMac is about 6+ years old, I am guessing it is one of the white plastic LCD ones. I have taken a couple apart, and it doesn't take more than 45 minutes to have it fully replaced. REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR DATA NOW SO YOU DON'T LOSE EVERYTHING WHEN YOUR HARD DRIVE ACTUALLY DIES!

Hard drives for your iMac are rather inexpensive nowadays, and I believe your iMac uses a 3.5" SATA hard drive. Please check your system profiler and make sure. Here is a link to a picture that shows you the difference (PATA is on top, SATA is the one of the bottom). A nice SATA hard drive costs about $50-120 nowadays. Actually, this is a nice one. Decent capacity, fast speed. Should keep your iMac running for many more years!

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Hi it actually depends on the user, some use prefer to use the old imac or maybe pass it on to another user, besides hdd is affordable and if your imac is still in working condition then use it until the logic board or display are dead, which is the most expensive parts to replace.

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PATA or ATA (the first ATA were all "parallel ATA") and SATA are different **physical** interfaces, with different connectors, so you can't use an HD of a different type from the computer connector.

PATA connector uses a "large" 80 contacts connector , not so large, because laptops use 2,5' HD, smaller than HD's in desktops, but with as many signals and so as many contacts (or maybe only around 40 contacts against 80, because on desktops, one side of the connector has only "ground" contacts).

SATA (for Serial ATA) connectors use far less than 40 contacts.

The massive shift from PATA to SATA began in 2006/2007, so it would be safer to find info on the net using the exact Apple reference (model type/serial number : there should be a metal sticker somewhere under you laptop) or to have a look at the current HD.

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