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rebuild after water dammage

Hello i just buy an ipod nano 4th gen 8gig who as wather dammage for parts or rebuild. At first i put the device in rice all in parts for about 1 week. Then i try plugging the board on my radio dock station (no screen no click wheel just the battery still on it) and it works fine then i plugged in the screen work at half (got display but no backlight) and finally the click wheel and its working too.

After that i try to plug the ipod to the détection and the screen make some kind of on and off (apple logo / black screen) and if i plug the ipod on a wall charger it power on (still no backlight) i could listen to music with earbud and if i leave it there the charging battery logo appears (like normal ipod do) but as soon i unplugged every thing turn off (like no battery power)

Ok first i know that for backlight it's not the screen itself cuz i try on another nano and it light up so it may be the backlight coil

If i leave the click wheel plugged to the board and unplugged the ipod when i plugged back to the wall charger nothing happen but if i unplugged the click wheel it start and then i could plugged the wheel back and it works. What could be wrong ????

and why when i plug the ipod on wall charger its start but not recognize by Pc ????

Hope find some answer Thanks

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Stephane, lets start with this question that you have "and why when i plug the ipod on wall charger its start but not recognize by Pc ????" This is because of a water damaged battery. Your AC charger supplies a higher amperage than your computer. " and if i plug the ipod on a wall charger it power on (still no backlight) i could listen to music with earbud and if i leave it there the charging battery logo appears (like normal ipod do) but as soon i unplugged every thing turn off (like no battery power)" same reason here. The very first thing I would suggest is that you clean the iPod thoroughly. Rice is a great first aid, but it will not clean the logic board nor will it prevent corrosion. The iPod Nano is a bit of a PITA to work on. Use this guide to remove the logic board. Clean it and all connectors and cable ends with a high grade isopropyl alcohol (greater than 90%) Be very thorough with this, but also very careful, you do not want to knock small components of the board. Yes, it is okay to submerge it in alcohol. Once you are absolutely sure you have it cleaned, again, I can not stress the importance of this enough, replace the battery. You can use this guide as a supplement to the first on. The big problem here, besides the finicky work, will be the backlight. It is possible that it is your LCD that needs to be replaced, since it contains the backlight. It may also be possible that it is the backlight coil on the logic board, it acts as a switch for the light. I would order a new LCD just to be on the safe side, and it is easier to replace than the parts on the logic board. Parts are available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.


I attached an image of one one the iPod 4 logic boards. It does show the location of two coils. One of those is the backlight coil. Check for continuity, if it does not show continuity, replace it. You could try a 6R8 or may be a 4R7. Check with places like or They do list the sizes of their coils. As you can see, the coils are very small (approx. 2mm), and extremely difficult to solder, unless you have the experience and the tools.

Block Image

Block Image

iPod Nano 4th Generation Battery Image


iPod Nano 4th Generation Battery Replacement


Very difficult

iPod Nano 4th Generation Logic Board Assembly Image


iPod Nano 4th Generation Logic Board Assembly Replacement



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Thanks for all this great explication. First here my try from now. Your right after couple of hours charging with ac plug it now recognise by the Pc. For sure ill try the isopropyl alcohol to clean it up nicely. The replacement battery is the next step after finding answer for two more question.

First one : Is it possible to replace/repair the backlight coil (i have test with 2 LCD that i got here known to work and still no backlight) or maybe the cleanning can help.

Second : Is it normal that the logic board came pretty hot on the left side of it (logic board itself out of the housing) like were the click wheel cable pass. Can hold it in my hands but plug to Pc it's worst and became realy hard to hold.


The heat can be from the water damaged battery, replace it or the power management IC. If you find the right coil for the backlight, yes it could be replaced.


Wow tanks for the precision of your explication whit pics nice. Think im gonna leave the coil repair (so small) The battery have been buy so im waiting for it. Another thing before cleaning the board whit alcohol is it better to take off all the kapton tape and put some brand new after ?? oh and one last thing what may cause a white screen on LCD instead of a broken LCD ???? Cuz i got another logic board with everything working fine exepte for the LCD with a white screen (and two beep when i power on the nano) Know the LCD is good i have tested on another working nano.


Ah, the white screen issue. So many Apple devices are plagued by that. I wish I had the answer. I do know that it helps sometimes, to disconnect the logic board from the battery and to let the logic board discharge for a couple of days. Then reassemble and restore. Personally I believe that this is somehow embedded in the bootloader to ensure that a proper replacement product is used.

Yes, remove the Kapton tape, and replace it after cleaning.


Well a big THANKS for all your advice it help me a lot. Now it's time to apply all this good advice and try to rebuild this nano for good.


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