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Is Replacing the Adhesive on the Stainless Steel Back Necessary?

I had recently dropped my iPod Touch 4th Gen. 32GB on concrete, denting in the top left corner backplate and cracking and bending in the plastic bezel which cracked the glass leaving a small opening near the corner of the glass.

I would love to be able to fix this myself but I am trying to figure out if replacing the entire backplate is necessary for replacing the screen assembly. Since it seems the bent backplate and cracked bezel would prevent the screen assembly from fitting in place.

Would it be possible to try and bend the back plate back a little so the screen would fit?

Which leads to my main question, if the backplate would need to be replaced would I need to replace the adhesive that holds some of the parts to the backplate? Such as the battery, volume/power ribbon cable and any others I may have left out.

And if so, what adhesive would I use? Something similar to the adhesive strips for mounting the screen assembly back on?

Hope someone can help!


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Hi there,

Some say you can try to can try and hammer out the corner of the backplate. Others say, if the dent in the backplate was very small, you can use an exacto knife to cut the glass at the dent to allow everything to fit nicely.

I prefer to replace the back-plate. You can find them on eBay for about 10 bucks from China or 12-15 bucks from a USA vendor. By doing this, you have what looks like a brand new iPod.

In answer to your question of what else you will have to replace - it could be just the back-plate if you are very careful, experienced, or lucky. There is a good chance that you could damage the volume-flex cable when removing it from the old casing. It is a thin ribbon glued well to the back case. It can be done if you very slowly remove the ribbon. If you have to replace it -- the good news is that the ribbon is dirt cheap - between 1-5 bucks on eBay or Amazon. The bad news is that the ribbon requires soldering to the logic-board, at 4, very close-together points. Moderate soldering skills are required.

You shouldn't need any additional adhesive (other than the Digitizer/LCD assembly), so that's good.

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On a small dent, I would use an xacto, or in a few cases I've used very small needle nose pliers to straighten the dent. I've thought of using a dremmel before to smooth out the dent...but one slip, could damage your board.

If the dent is severe, your glass won't fit back in properly. So be sure to fit the glass in a few times to check the seating BEFORE you apply the adhesive.

If you do replace the backplate, that means everything has to come out increasing the probability that something might go wrong, especially since you will have to replace the volume flex (i've never been able to get one out without it tearing). The volume flex and battery both have to be desoldered / soldered back into place. Also, on the new back, you absolutely need the grey thermal material -- otherwise your ipod will overheat and fry.

As resomod stated, desoldering and soldering can be very tricky. Without some soldering skills the #1 thing I see go wrong is someone lifting the solder pad off the logic board, and it is good as well gone unless you have some serious board level repair skills.

Honestly, if you can use the xacto trick, and it is your device, I would trade off a little cosmetics rather than seriously damaging your ipod.

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Most of the adhesive actually stays stuck to the components that you remove.

And you can also order adhesive on eBay just type in (iPhone adhesive)

If you need it

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