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MBP1,1 (A1150) won't start, no chime

I have a 2006 mbp1,1 core duo, 2ghz, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, with a broken screen that I have been using as a media server driving my 40" samsung via dvi/hdmi for the last two years.

It was having heat issues about 6-8 months ago (random freezing requiring hard restarts and lines of pixels dropping out) so I tore it down and cleaned the heatsinks and reapplied new thermal paste. Everything was working fine until yesterday.

It froze, and after a reboot it wont start, not even a chime. When I press the power button, I hear the optical drive, HD, fans spinning and the light on the front latch button is lit, but still no chime and nothing on screen. I have tried the following:

-Tried rebooting with and without power adapter and battery

-Reset PRAM

-Reset SMC

-Opened the case, confirmed the HD and fans were spinning

-Removed the HD, placed it in an external case, and checked it on my mbp5,5 - HD is fine

-Read through all the A1150 questions to see if anyone else had the same problem. Some were similar-ish, but none were spot on for my problem:

still does not power on after logic board replacement

My MBP does not turn on HELP!

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150

Logic board or left I/O board problem?

Everything in the case looks normal.

Anyone have any other ideas about what the problem might be? Just hoping the logic board hasn't finally died. Poor mbp has had a rough life, it was apparently thrown across a room at some point (hence the broken screen and the reason I got it for free) so it wouldn't surprise me, but if I can fix it cheaply and get a bit more use out of it before buying a mini to run the tv, i'll be happy.

Thanks in advance,


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I hate to say it but it does sound like a logic board. The spinning fans, hard drive & optical drive activity confirm that the logic board is getting power. That tells us the left I/O board is ok and the top case (power button) is ok. From there I would try the following, attempting to power on after each step:

  • Disconnect the optical drive from the logic board (just lift the flex connector)
  • Disconnect the HD from the logic board
  • Remove the Airport card (should be one t6 screw and pull out from the board)
  • Remove the RAM and attempt to power on, if the machine doesn't beep then the logic board is failed

Hopefully one of the steps before the last does the trick, and if it does then whatever component is disconnected it the likely culprit.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the help. I have already tried booting without the optical drive with no luck. I will try the rest of the steps and see if a miracle happens, but I'm betting the logic board is dead. It has served me well but replacing the core duo board just isn't worth the money.

thanks again


I tried all of the suggested steps, no beeping after removing the ram so it's dead. mbp has been retired, time to start looking at building a hackintosh. Thanks again for the help.


I'm sad to hear that but at least you have an answer, I know that for me the mystery of not knowing always drives me nuts. Glad I could help!


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