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Can iPod 3rd complete with iPods classic battery & hard drive?


I have a 3rd iPod and i have replace the battery two years before. But now, the battery only can play few hours. Also, i have a iPod classic 5 years ago but the battery still strong which can play over a day.

I have check on Internet and i know the main reason is the power consumption of iPod 3rd much higher than iPod classic. So, if i can replace a new set of iPod classic hard drive & battery on my iPod 3rd, it would be a better solution. The size of these two iPod quite same and "i think" the hard drive size is not a big challenge. But i worried about the connector between this two generation iPod, is it possible to connect them?

I really like the Ipod 3rd design and i hope to use it daily. Please give me any advice and comment.

Thanks !

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Sam Extreme Sam, those parts are not interchangeable. The battery is a totally different size as well as different connector. The hard drive is a different type all together as well. Different connector, different size, Check this guide, step 9 forward and compare it to this guide, step 10 and on. My advice would be to purchase a new battery for that particular model of iPod so that you can continue to enjoy it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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