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iMac Doesn't turn on,,,DEAD power supply or logic board?

I got this 2Ghz iMac Intel 17" Late 2006. It shows no sign of life what so ever. When the power button is pressed nothing happens. Nothing on the screen, no fans spinning up, no lights. Nothing. It just happened out of nowhere. One day it was ok, the next it wouldn't power on.

I'm pretty good with PCs, not so much with Macs, but If the same principles apply, I would suspect a bad power supply. I've checked to make sure the outlet where it is plugged in works.

What can I check or do to get this computer working again? Is the power supply the only suspect in this case?

When it comes to PCs, I've been able to test the power supply using a multimeter. Can I test the power supply on this iMac? I've stripped it down to the guts, removing the power supply, and hard drive. On the power supply I only see two wires coming out of it. Very different from a PC's power supply unit where it has many different wires.

Also, one thing I am concerned about is the integrity of the hard drive. It is a Western Digital with SATA interface. I was wondering if I can connect the hard drive to my other computer, a PC running Windows 7, via an external enclosure to test it and confirm that all the pics, videos, and documents are still there.

Info gathered so far:

I reinstalled the PSU and plugged in the power cord. Since I have the iMac taken apart where I can see the logic board, I noticed a green LED light on the logic board come on. It is labeled as "LED601". When I press the power button on the back of the iMac, another LED comes on, this one labeled "LED602". Also, on the right speaker there is a light that also comes on when I pressed the power button. This light has a light blue color to it. I also noticed that the fan right below the Super Drive tried to spin, but it didn't actually spin.

Please help


Received the power supply in the mail today. Installed it, put everything back together, and iMac turned on. Glad it wasn't the logic board.

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Did you follow the iFixIt guides on the correct way to disassemble your iMac?


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As to your questions:

No, you can't use your Windows system to access the hard drive as the format is not native to Windows. If you try you'll likely damage the files on it. You could mount the drive into an external Firewire case and then connect it to a different Mac to check the drive and contents as well as move them over to your Windows system via a networked connection.

About the LED lights, the first indicates that the machine is receiving power LED601. The second (when pushing the power button) indicates whether or not the logic board is receiving power from the power supply LED2. The third indicates whether or not the display is communicating with the logic board. So from that stand point you appear to be alive power wise.

Do you hear any sounds Beeps or Bong when you start the system? Unplug the AC cord for a few minutes and then try again. If you still get no reaction press and hold the power button for a good fifteen seconds to force the restart.

Let us know what happens

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I don't hear any beeps or sounds. No hard drive or fans spinning up, although as I mentioned before, the fan below the Super Drive tried to spin when the power button was pressed, but it didn't actually spin.

Tried what you recommended and still the same problem, same symptoms.

From working on PCs, I know a power supply can provide enough power to show lights and even power up a fan, but not enough to power on the computer.

Can this be the same case with this iMac where the power supply shows as providing power but not actually being able to power on the system?

I am willing to buy a new power supply, but I want to make sure that is the problem and not the logic board. If the problem is the logic board, then I am going to just forget about it, too much money to replace the logic board; $350+.

If the problem is the logic board, how can I transfer the files from the hard drive to a Windows PC? I don't have another Mac computer and don't have a relative or friend who owns a Mac.



Don't think you have a power supply issue. At this point I suspect its something on the logic board. You might not need a new logic board but without deeper diagnostics its hard to tell.


As to getting your files off, I would recommend renting a Mac system and get an external Firewire HD case to put your current drive in. Then you could access the files and burn a CD or network the two systems together (Mac & Windows) to transfer the files.


Your very lucky! Please acknowledge your issue has be resolved


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